5 Reasons to Be Intentional This Month by Chinedu Obiano C. / CEO 247NG MEDIA

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As we step into a new month, I’ve made a conscious decision to be very intentional with my time and energy. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Prioritizing my time is the greatest gift: I’ve come to realize that time is a precious resource, and how I use it determines the quality of my life. By prioritizing my time, I’m giving myself the gift of focus, productivity, and purpose.


2. Personal savings and financial security: I’m committed to saving for the future, because I know that I am 100% responsible for my financial well-being. Building a safety net gives me peace of mind and freedom to pursue my goals.


3. Health and wellness: My wellness determines my productivity, so I’m focusing on fitness and nutrition to achieve my goals. Taking care of my physical and mental health is non-negotiable.


4. Peace of mind: From now on, I’m prioritizing peace of mind above all else. I can’t trade it for anything – not even success or achievement. Good leisure, good sleep, and a sound mind are essential to my well-being.


5. Mutual and result-oriented relationships: The relationships I keep need to inspire me to achieve more, be mutually beneficial, and drive results. I’m intentional about surrounding myself with people who support and uplift me.

By being intentional in these areas, I’m taking control of my life and setting myself up for success. Join me on this journey to living a purposeful and fulfilling life!

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