Peter Obi Outsmarts Abure: Obidient Movement Declared Non-Partisan written by Charles Awuzie

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I hear Abure’s Labour Party wants to tame and domesticate the Obidients by cornering them into a directorate of the party.

But His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi outsmarted Abure on that by declaring the Obidient movement a non partisan political movement.

Abure should do the right thing and resign. His Treasurer has accused him of financial mismanagement even alleging fraud, he should go clear his name instead of trying to own a movement he knows nothing about.

There are Obidient APC members..

There are Obidient PDP members…

There are Obidient Labour Party members…

There are party-less Obidients like me…

No party should own the Obidients… Leave it to float as a Youth Driven Political Consciousness Movement. Mr. Peter Obi should now hold regular OBIDIENT RALLIES even before the next election. Get musicians to perform and he delivers a re-assuring speech on the possibility of a new Nigeria. Non labour party speakers should be invited to neutralize a single party claiming ownership of the youth’s movement. There’s a movement like that in South Africa. It was started by my good friend, Mmusi Maimane, former leader of the opposition in South Africa. It’s called BOSA and they are not affiliated with any party but they are politically conscious and active.

Nobody will argue that Peter Obi has ignited a certain level of political consciousness in Nigerian youths. All parties should celebrate that without bias.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I am politically conscious.

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