Special Message to the People of Plateau and all Nigerians from Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami of the Native Indigenous Hausa People of Nigeria (Emancipator)

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Special Message to the People of Plateau and all Nigerians from Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami of the Native Indigenous Hausa People of Nigeria (Emancipator) ………………..31st December, 2023

I hereby call on the people of plateau particularly to: know and understand the magnitude of terrorism that Danfodio perpetrated against the Hausas and Hausaland. Hausa people, wherever you might be across the length and breadth of this country, I hope you have woken up in good health.

Hausa youth and all Hausas in the country, including those in Jos, Plateau State – our Muslims, Christians, and Traditional worshippers, I want to draw your attention to a letter that the indigenous peoples of Jos have written to me (Kalthoum Alumbe Jitami). They state that whatever animosity that exists between them and the Fulani has nothing to do with the Hausas. However, they have asked me to come out in my capacity as a Muslim and an activist to draw the attention of my brethren, the Hausas in Plateau, the Hausas in Jos, and the Hausas closer to where the Fulani conducted their most recent massacres against them on the 23rd and 24th of December 2023. They are saying that the Hausas should distance themselves—they should keep away from the activities of the Fulani because they (the indigenous peoples) know the truth—they know the differences between the Fulani and Hausas. And even those indigenous who don’t know are currently being educated about the differences.

The problem, they insist, is that most indigenous peoples cannot differentiate between Hausas and Fulanis during uprisings, thus on many occasions, treat these two separate entities as one. The Hausas, on the other hand, get deceived by the Fulani that it’s a religious war, thus forcing the Hausas to join on the side of the Fulani.

The letter is deeply insightful and far-reaching—it touches me deeply based on the good things these indigenous peoples of Plateau wrote about the Hausas. It is clear that the Fulani are the menace of this country.

If you are Hausa, you will appreciate the kind of things being said about the Hausa people and thank God for being a Hausa man. In the past, how were we? Today, how are we? It is disturbing the many years of bloodbath between the Hausas and the indigenous peoples of Jos, but today, they say to me, “Hajiya, tell your Hausa brethren that we know they are not involved—thus they must not involve themselves. In truth, I am fervently calling on all Hausas in Jos and everywhere else to, if the Fulani instigate a crisis, plead with you, my brethren, do not partake. Do not forget, it is the Fulani who are killing us. It is the Fulani who are burning us alive. It is the Fulani who are throwing our babies to their dogs to feast on. It is the Fulani who are cooking our children and asking us to eat therefrom.

In truth, I am calling on all Hausas in Jos Plateau, including those Hausas where these massacres took place, to endeavor to sympathize with the indigenous peoples of Jos and also dissociate yourselves from any Fulani wherever they are. Firstly, there are three disadvantages against us, the Hausas, if we don’t distance ourselves from the Fulani: They will perpetrate terrorism without our knowledge while we are claiming we are brethren and would be attacked by their victims, thus making our children orphans and our parents distressed because the source of livelihood will no longer be available, and as a result, throwing your family into a very bad situation.

Secondly, you are going to assist your enemy against someone who is your brethren (the indigenous peoples), because before the arrival of the Fulani and the arrival of the two major religions, our ancestors have been living together with very few skirmishes.

Thirdly, even you yourself, the Hausa, are not safe from the hands of a Fulani, his setups, his betrayals, and deception.

Finally, you have to desist from visiting Islamic pulpits where a Fulani is presiding. I know you may say, “Aren’t we going to pray in the mosque?” Yes, you won’t pray in a mosque as long as a Fulani is the presiding clergy. This is because when push comes to shove and the indigenous peoples decide to exact retribution, they won’t be differentiating between Hausa and Fulani.

Keep away from the Fulani praying grounds. The killings of our Hausa people in Hausaland are enough. If you don’t have a place to pray, clear a field; the indigenous peoples won’t stop you from praying. If the indigenous peoples notice that you have distanced yourselves from the Fulani and you want to pray anywhere, even if it’s at their doorsteps, they will offer you prayer mats. The indigenous peoples sought for me and told me they had no issues with the Hausas—that they have seen how the Hausas isolated themselves and refused to partake in the killings.

Thus, wherever you may be as a Hausa, if you cannot assist the indigenous peoples to defend themselves, do not partake in the Fulani terrorism. The indigenous are our brethren, while the Fulani are our enemies. Never has any other ethnic nationality in this country boasted that if a single Fulani is killed, they will kill 120 Hausas—only the Fulani. They are the ones who said that. And I am calling on all the Hausas in Jos to share this audio to the north, south, east, and west. This is a message to me from the indigenous. They are our brethren—we Hausas have a duty to condole and sympathize with them over Fulani atrocities.

We Hausas must know that what the Fulani are doing to us is exactly what they are doing to the indigenous peoples of Jos. Listen to what the Fulani are saying after which I will inundate you with questions. (Voice of a Fulani swearing that wherever a Fulani is killed, 120 Hausas would be killed. “No matter who, whether it’s a vigilante or a soldier who kills the Fulani.”) I hope you heard? I am calling on Hausas in Jos and anywhere else in the world, whenever there is a problem between Fulani and the indigenous peoples, if you can’t assist the indigenous peoples, don’t fight against them.

There is no relationship between Fulani and Hausa, except enmity. Know that the Fulani are our enemies and nobody else. Under the Buhari government, they killed no less than seven million Hausas. Don’t forget, Fulani usually fetch your Hausa women and rape them in mosques. Fulani usually open fire on Hausas during prayer times in mosques. Fulani usually visit Hausa farms and burn down the farm produce. Fulani usually enter the Hausa markets, round everyone up, and set everyone ablaze including their market wares. Fulani usually rape Hausa women. Don’t forget, in this world, a Hausa man has no enemy like the Fulani. By God, if I were in Jos, whatever the indigenous can use to avenge the massacres, I would support them. Hausas, desist and know that in this world, we have no enemy aside from the Fulani.

(Voice of a Hausa clergy: “We have heard from the current member of the house of assembly representing Sabon Birni constituency, Aminu Bozza, he said there was a village where women were kidnapped and taken into a mosque and raped. Under whose reign were people’s wives raped in mosques? Under Buhari’s reign—until our dying day, we will not stop telling him that it was under his reign that people’s wives were raped. What is the use of his leadership? His stay in Abuja is of what value?”)

Now, you have heard, my Hausa brethren—under Buhari’s reign, many of your brethren were taken to the mosques and raped. Given the above, desist—do not accept and do not allow a Fulani man deceive you with religion. It is in the mosques that our women are taken and raped—what sort of religion do they follow? The religion of Fodio. Anywhere this audio will meet a Hausa person, wherever you are, do not agree with a Fulani, do not accept a Fulani. And if a neighbor has no smartphone, use your phone to help him listen to this audio if you both are in Jos. The indigenous peoples of Jos are our real brethren. They are our partners in progress. They are the ones we have lived with for millennia, our ancestors and their ancestors. This terrorism is organized by the Fulani against us and against them.

(The voice of a Hausa clergy berating the gang rape of a Hausa woman by seven Fulani men in a mosque, as told by the victim’s sister.) These are your sisters, thus open your ears, open your eyes, and distance yourselves from the Fulani.

(Voice of a Hausa lady narrating her experience with the Fulani terrorists: “They came upon us, giving us no chance to carry anything except our hijabs. They put us in the front, and as we are moving, they are killing, such that we couldn’t carry our dead even as we watched them fall. Personally, they killed two of my sons while I was watching and running. We plead that they should be disarmed. These weapons have disturbed us—in the night, they constantly molest our women. Everything, we have to leave behind, fertilizer, grains, and what we may eat. They forbid us from farming as they seized our farms. Our men are just wandering about in town with no food to eat nor water to drink.”)

These are your brethren—the Fulani did this to them, thus distance yourselves from the Fulani. The Fulani are your enemies; the magnitude of molestation, debauchery, and humiliation that the Fulani perpetrated against the Hausas, even the Biafra war did not experience such.

(Another voice message from a Hausa clergy: “That is, I have tried and tried and tried, but I have been unsuccessful. This is like a disease—whenever I sleep and think of these things, I can’t sleep. Imagine the way the sons of Adam are killed.

A woman narrated how she, her husband, and their sons were kidnapped from their car and taken to the bush. The husband informed the kidnappers about his eldest son, his sons, and wife. The kidnappers then instructed the wife to either sleep with her eldest son or have her husband’s hands amputated. She began crying, but they said crying wouldn’t change the situation; she had to choose one. Despite being Muslims like she was, they showed no mercy. She pleaded earnestly with them, invoking the name of God, but they were unmoved. Unwillingly, she acquiesced to sleep with her son in front of her husband and other sons to prevent the amputation of her husband’s hands. To add to the atrocity, a hefty ransom was also paid. After the ransom was paid, they were released.

“In the name of God, go and ask your parents: During the Biafra war, were people humiliated like this?” Unfortunately, these acts were carried out by Muslims against Muslims. This is to alert us not to let a Fulani deceive us with Islam. Wherever a Fulani is found, he is an enemy to the Hausa. We must not agree with a Fulani. We must not accept the killings, the debauchery, and the humiliation the Fulani are perpetrating against us.

I am pleading with my brethren in Jos: if you have friends and relatives nearby, go and play this audio for them to listen to. I have been informed to tell you, my Hausa brethren, that the indigenous people of Jos are not angry with you; they are not against you—they know you are not terrorists. If they come to exact revenge, they will not bother you; they will not touch you because they are aware that you were not part of the terrorists who terrorized them. But you must isolate yourselves and distance yourselves from the Fulani. Any mosque where a Fulani is praying, do not pray there. Wherever you are staying and you know there is a Fulani, keep clear of that place—don’t go and pray there. Whatever relationship you have with a Fulani, cut it off. These people have told me they know the difference between Fulani and you, but if you insist on saying, “My Muslim brothers,” listen to this so you can hear it with your own ears.

(A man crying and expressing anger incoherently: “We have been killed. We cried, cried, and cried, but got no help—no government. A representative was killed. Help us. My brother was killed. ‘Muslim cry of resignation to fate!’ O God! We are finished. We have no government. We are being killed. Between us and Buhari, God will judge. Buhari has betrayed us. God put Buhari in serious issues. God throw Buhari into hellfire. Buhari, we will never forgive him.”)

Now, this is your brother, a Hausa man. Your brother, a Hausa man in Zamfara, witnessed 200 persons killed in one day. They were selected, isolated, and beheaded, with their heads placed on their torsos, all on a single Friday. I don’t speak without evidence.

(A man speaking: “I tell you in the name of God, you cannot execute chickens in their poultry like this. There is no Nigerian man’s farm where you can go and kill chickens like this without inviting people who will speak against you. Unfortunately, they can go and kill people like this and they don’t want us to talk. Unfortunately, this is acceptable to us. We are our own problem. During the election, we will all be confused, saying, ‘By God, it is a jihad. By God, Christians want to take over Nigeria.'”)

You heard him right? We are the architects of our own problems. During elections, they present a Fulani to us, tell us he is a Muslim, and tell us not to elect a pagan—that Christians will take over Nigeria, that Christians will kill us Muslims. Christians are not our enemies; the Fulani are. Christians are not the ones killing us; the Fulani are. Know this: in the whole world, we have no enemy except the Fulani.

When it was proposed that the Fulani be included on the list of terrorists, Buhari insisted they would not be included. Just know that wherever you see a Fulani, you have seen your enemy. This particular story is to draw the attention of the Hausa man, wherever he may be, to defend himself. There was a Hausa naming ceremony in Katsina where the child was thrown into the pot of soup for his ‘tuwo’ until he was well cooked, and the guests were asked to eat from it. Now you may ask whether this is a fact. Listen for yourself (the voice of a man narrating the same story). Now, you have heard, right? All these acts are perpetrated against us under Buhari’s regime.

Given the foregoing, whenever a Fulani man stands up for election, do not choose the Fulani man in any capacity. You know why I insist you don’t vote for a Fulani? If you do so, they will continue to kill us. And whenever these same people, who are called Christians and pagans, call for the Fulani to be included on the list of terrorists, the Fulani elites insist that they are their brothers and must not be touched.

When the Fulani are killing us, it is these same people whom the Fulani have dubbed our haters—the Igbos, Yorubas, Christians, etc.—who stand their ground to ensure that the Fulani are included on the terrorist list, despite Buhari’s insistence to the contrary. These same Christians the Fulani want us to hate and turn into our enemies stood their ground in court until the Fulani were included on the terrorist list. You think our soldiers are not capable of decimating the Fulani terrorists? They are. The problem is, we have given the Fulani sufficient power that they can decide to impede any war waged against the Fulani terrorists they call their brothers. The Nigerian army is not at fault—they are a formidable force. Wherever they go in the world, they have proven themselves. It is the excessive authority in the hands of the Fulani that is responsible for the seeming invincibility of the Fulani.

(A voice recording of a Muslim clergy claiming the authority of the Fulani in power insisted they were not in agreement with the killing of Fulani by Nigerian troops, because the Fulani are their brothers. However, he continued, these same persons incapacitating our military to make the Fulani terrorists look stronger did not ask the Fulani to stop killing, kidnapping, and raping people’s wives. The Fulani authorities were simply overlooking their atrocities. I swear to God, he went on, I do not see the difference between these people and King Pharaoh.)

Now, you have heard. There is no Hausa Muslim that will hear this without shedding tears. You will feel like carrying a gun and wherever you see a Fulani man, to kill him. Given the above, open your eyes, especially the Hausas in Jos.

I made this audio primarily for the Hausas in Jos, but it’s not only for them. Anywhere a Hausa man is in the length and breadth of this country, this should serve as a guide. The Christians we are conditioned to hate are the same Christians who woke me up with the message that they have nothing against the Hausas. The Fulani, on the other hand, are our enemies. If you are in doubt, let Albany Zaria conclude this speech for me because to this day, some of our Hausa youth have their heads in the woods and won’t listen. (Voice of Albany Zaria: “When do you think a Hausa and a Fulani will sit under the same shade? Go and check the history of Hausa and Fulani—they are enemies, strong enemies to the core.”)

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