REBUTTAL to the so-called ‘Northern Consensus Movement of Nigeria’ by Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami (Emancipator Native Indigenous Hausa People of Hausaland).

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I stand up today with a loud voice on the platform of WAZOBIA : Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo people of Nigeria to counter the empty threats of the Fulani against the Yoruba, Igbo and indeed all Nigerians.

The fallacious concept of Northern Nigeria (Arewa) as often espoused by the Fulani as one homogenous entity under the them, is only a figment of their imagination as no matter how long tenants resides in a property does not make them the landlords.

That they as tenants have the audacity to issue quit notice to Yorubas or other Nigerians in Hausa Land, we (Hausas) owners of the land are hereby telling the Yorubas and other Nigerians to stay put in Hausa Land.

We are hereby extending invitation to more Yorubas and other Nigerians to come and stay in Hausa Land and enjoy their peace, progress and prosperity.

The Fulani are the common enemies to all Nigerians as the following facts amongst several others reveal :
1. They set ablaze bus carrying Hausa people and killed all of the 44 occupants.
2. They killed people worshipping in Mosques and Churches.
3. They killed people going to farms and on their farms.
4. They engage in cold blood killings of people in their sleep, etc.
5. They killed people in hospitals.
6.They cooked a Hausa parent’s newly born baby alive.

The Fulani don’t own even a square inch of land space in the following territories of Hausa People; Jigawa, katsina, kano, Zamfara, Sokoto, kebbi, and Zaria. These are Hausa Lands. The so-called leaders of these lands today that these Fulani propagandists are referring to are those Fulani whose parents murdered our parents in cold blood and stole the leadership of our traditional institutions which today we are set to recover.

For the Fulanis their time is up as we are set to take back all that they have stolen from us. We have no enemies in Nigeria other than the Fulani. As they want to eject others in northern Nigeria including Hausa land, that is exactly how we the Hausas want them ejected out of our land.

If other land owners of the North will allow the Fulani freedom to chase people out of their lands, we the Hausas are saying such ejected people should come over to our lands as mentioned above and live with us. Hospitality is our nature, the very hospitality we gave to Fulani which they took advantage of and robbed us of our kingdom heritage.
Their threats of protest/demonstration against the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu don’t have our support. We remain solidly committed to supporting the President, Minister of FTC and all other appointmentees of the government.

Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami (Emancipator Hausa People of Hausa Land)

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