OPEN LETTER TO: The Honourable  Minister  of FCT Abuja, Barr Nyeson Ezenwo Wike.

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Your Honour Sir, 

We, the Hausa people of Hausa land in Nigeria, extend our hearty congratulations and  gratitude to you for the security measures you are taking in the FCT administration. We assure you of our unwavering support while acknowledging your commitment and courage to doing justice; good leadership with patriotism.

In view of the ongoing attacks to your person and character assassinations by disgruntled elements of the Fulani ethnic group with intent to incite ethnoreligious acrimony over your appointment as the FCT Minister, it is important that you understand the difference between _Fulanism_ and Islam. It is in the spirit of _Fulanism_ that Fulani clerics like Sheikhs Ahmed Gumi, Abdalla Gadonkaya, Isa Pantami, and Ibrahim Kaduna, continue to portray your person and administration in negative terms.  We remain resolute in our support for you and your administration.  This is so because we understand the distinction between religion and politics. Nobody can use us to unleash terrorism against any individual or group of persons. 

We therefore call on Nigerians to promote unity through elections by supporting worthy candidates irrespective of their religious or ethnic backgrounds. We pray for continued success of your leadership and  hope that the presidency be your future achievement. We strongly suggest the inclusion of  Hausa social media team in your information management to ensure accurate communication. This will protect your administration against any media propaganda using hausa language and to assist you in the proper enlightenment of the public.

We prioritize peaceful co-existence and the preservation of basic human rights, which have been undermined due to the Fulani penchant for propaganda and misinformation.

We support the rumored information that you intend to employ an Israeli security outfit in Abuja, and any other security measures you deem necessary. We suggest the recommendation of similar measures be made to the President, considering the current state of insecurity in the country. 

We reject the misleading notion by the Fulani  Elites and Clerics that Israel is the enemy of Muslims. We identify the Fulani Elites and Clerics as the sources of discord in both Christianity and Islam.

We are with you, praying for your divine protection and success. We anticipate your triumph in this country and believe in your ability to ensure peaceful co-existence. We support your vision for the FCT and trust in your leadership to restore Nigeria back to her previous days of glory. 

We urge vigilance against the Fulani’s efforts to dominate both Christianity and Islam in Nigeria for their selfish manipulations. We maintain our commitment to progress, security, peaceful co-existence, education, and fostering unity among different ethnic, religious and tribal groups.

May God’s presence never depart from you. 

Yours respectfully, 

Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami

(Hausa People of Hausaland Emancipator)

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