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Mansur Sokoto, you claimed that Islam will be endangered if Taraba and Nassarawa States fall to Christian Governors!
Are you not aware that the era in which you deceived Muslims and Hausas is over? Are you not also aware that we the Hausas have decided that; when a Christian and a Fulani person run for political office, we will rather eagerly go to elect the Christian? Are you not also aware of the facts that we know that Christians are Just and Fair people? The Prophet himself revealed this to us (Muslims): if truly you intend to speak about Islam. For example, when persecution against Muslims escalated in Meccah, the Prophet directed his companions to seek protection in Abyssinia, a land ruled by The Negus, a Christian king widely known for Justice and Fairness.

Mansur Sokoto, for solid eight years, you (Fulani) have been killing Hausas (our Muslims, Christians and even Pagans), and you have been killing people from all other ethnic/tribal groups in this country, all in the name of Usman Danfodio the notorious kingpin of Bandits. The era you were used to convincing us that Fulanis are our Muslim Brethren in order to turn us against the Christians in your favour is over. You have been lying and manipulating Islam to instigate violence and enmity between the Christians and Muslims of this country, but this is now history ever since we realized your hypocrisy.

Mansur Sokoto, you were in Sokoto when trucks filled with Hausa corpses were transported by over 200 Hausa youths and presented before the Fulani king of Sokoto (the so-called Supreme Leader of Islam in Nigeria), to seek his sympathy and perhaps get redress over the unjust murder of our people. It was not the spirit of protest against the Sultan that moved those youths to do that, but genuine desire to appeal to the sympathy of the Fulani king, to ensure an end to the unabating slaughter of Hausas by his Fulani people. What did you do then? Surprisingly, both the corpses and the over 200 youths who transported them there are till today nowhere to be found. . Did you kill them? What did you do with them? Only God knows.

Mansur Sokoto, you speak about Islam, but you used the same Islam to put charms in the mouths of Hausa’s newly born babies and bury them alive so that the Hausas are spell bound not to complain against Fulani’s high handedness and misrule over the Hausas and the atrocities that the Fulani have been committing against the Hausas since over 220 years ago. What kind of Islam is this that you are speaking about? We Hausa Muslims and other people of Nigeria have long raised awareness among our youths that whenever a Fulani person is seen (no matter the size of the prayer beads he holds) competing with a Christian over the same political office, we are resolved to cast our votes for the Christian. We Hausa Muslims have decided to do this by inviting the Christians and traditional worshippers to join hands, in the same manner as you do with Miyetti Allah. Would you deceive us about Islam? Your Fulani Muslims and Christians are not any religious: you both worship Usman Danfodio; and the spilling of human blood is one of the key ritual elements that the religion of Danfodio has bequeathed to you. Theft and Rape inside mosques are some of the doctrines of your religion (Fodiyonci in hausa).

Mansur Sokoto, in those areas (Taraba and Nassarawa States) where you are planning to: incite the Hausas, incite the Muslims of Taraba, and incite Muslims in all the places where Christians have been declared winners of the gubernatorial elections by the tribunal, because you’re upset at these developments; we (Hausa Muslims) are happy with the Tribunal Judgements there. For us, it’s better for an atheist to win an election than for a Fulani to win any election, because we’re more confident that the Christian or Atheist will be just and fairer to us than any Fulani.

Mansur Sokoto for more than 200 years now, you the Fulani have been terrorizing the Hausas in the name of Islam, because that’s what you’ve inherited from Danfodio: to kill the Hausas and to be leaders over them both traditionally and religiously. We will no longer be deceived. After Buhari there will never be another Fulani man that will lead Nigeria again by the grace of God (Insha Allah). We will never elect a Fulani to become the president again. We will never allow a Fulani to become a governor, a member of the House of Representatives, nor a senator, or even a councillor. Gradually you will lose everything in this country and be forced to return to where you came from.

Mansur Sokoto you(Fulani) came into this country worthless, we Hausas gave you human value. You came as illiterates, we Hausas educated you. You came, finding it difficult to survive with hunger and thirst ravaging you, we Hausas taught you how to survive. Yet, today you have killed over 7 million Hausa people. This is not mentioning of all the Christians you have killed from Southern Kaduna, Jos and Benue.

Finally, I am calling on all the Native Indigenous Muslims in this country to ensure we never repeat the mistake of electing a Fulani person to any political position in this country again. The Christians are our true brethren in Nigeria. Our ancestors lived side by side with their ancestors for millennia with little or no problems. It is expected that everybody in this country must ensure no Fulani is ever elected. This is because we have understood the basis of terrorism by the Fulani, and the betrayals by the Fulani and their greed. The Fulani are Thieves, Betrayers, Deceivers, Liars, and Hypocrites: thus the need for us to stand our grounds to ensure they don’t incite us against one another any day.

I am calling on all the people of Nigeria, the Christians, the Muslims, the Traditional Worshippers and all, to join forces together and ensure that no Fulani ever assumes a position of power in this country again, no matter how small or irrelevant that position may seem.

Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami
-(Hausa People of Hausaland Emancipator)

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