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His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dear Sir,


Mr President Sir,
I want to reiterate the facts that Hausa People with their kith and kins overwhelmingly supported your presidential project at a time your supposed Fulani Political Comrades were busy undermining the chances of your electoral victory.

For your information once more, all Fulani Governors, Clerics, Elites and Emirs were behind Miyetti Allah (the Fulani Umbrella socio-cultural and Cattle Breeders Association) when Miyetti Allah made open declaration of Atiku Abubakar as their so-called northern presidential consensus candidate, yet non of your so-called political associates from the Fulani tribal group came out to oppose them.

The evidences abound in mass media spaces as they launched theIr campaigns of calumny in Hausa Language against you, which you and other Nigerians don’t understand. The Fulani remain unrelenting over their Fulanization and colonization agenda against the entire Nigeria, centred on the family exclusivity ideology of their iconic progeny Usman Danfodio. They don’t practice religion or politics as you know it but ‘Danfodionism’ (ie Fodiyonci in Hausa).
I hope you are not in doubts that I speak on behalf of over 75 million Hausa People who are Autochthonous (Natives)of the Land of Nigeria; and I also hope that you are not confused about the Fulani People (who are Non Natives but Immigrants) to Hausaland that constitute just about 13 million people whom regretably the Hausa people are only accommodating.

You will recall that before now I have written to You and Nigerians in general about our relationship with the Fulani, their agenda and the evil calamities they represent to us particularly and Nigerians in general. The consequences of their stabbing us on our backs and robbing us of our traditional/public offices that they are holding up to this day, is the prize of suicide we have earned from them for the mistakes of our forefathers who gave them shelter in our land in the first place.

They have unrelentingly continued with this Brigandage and Banditry against the Hausa People and other Nigerians in general. On this note we have forewarned you of the dangers in establishing your government with the Fulani in any key appointments.
We are however alarmed that despite our testimonies being the basis upon which we voted for you, not because you are a Muslim but the fact that you and your Vice President are not Fulani, for which we believed that you are going to give us a clean departure from the former, you disappointingly went on to appointment two Fulani men as your senior and junior ministers of defense.

And we are aware of the ongoing lobby and pressure efforts on you by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and Co to cajole you into yet committing another political suicide by appointing Mallam Nasir El’frufai as Minister despite the scandalous baggage of criminalities and misgovernance of Kaduna state that he is carrying.
These appointed Ministers: Badaru Abubakar and Bello Matawalle to superintendent over the ministry of defense, amounts to reinforcement of insurgency and insecurity in Nigeria.

Same and even more dangerous goes to El’frufai that is still being lobbied for. Be informed that one of your leading Hausa Supporter named Tijjani Ibrahim kyawu died in circumstances that Badaru Abubakar and Sule Lamido need to be quizzed about. As governor of Jigawa State, Badaru Abubakar watched as Fulani had unfettered freedom in killing Hausa People while he executed policies and programs of exclusion against Hausa People but pampering and enhancement of Fulani interests.
Bello Matawalle on the other hand was celebrating his fulfillment with their Fulani genocidal program unleashed on the Hausa People of Zamfara State that a notorious Fulani Terrorist named Adamu Yankuzu (aka Ada Aleru) was turbaned with a Chietancy Title as his reward for killing enough number of Hausa People to the governor’s satisfaction, while another one known as Bello Turji continue as their roving killer squad traversing Zamfara, Sokoto and Niger States.

Mallam Nasir El’frufai on his part voluntarily and proudly confessed to a group of Fulani Imams and Ulamas, the successes he achieved by unleashing governance of exclusion and terrorism in Kaduna State, which he bequeathed to his successor (another Fulani man) Mallam Uba Sani to continue.
These two appointments negate and undermine the positive values that your earlier and much applauded appointment of security chiefs were expected to achieve. And to add El’frufai to it is akin to adding petrol on a burning fire thereby making worse of an already bad situation.

Former President Buhari as a Fulani man left a legacy of pampered and reinforced insurgency/insecurity through Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Miyetti Allah terror groups and their kingpins; and enacted a policy of Free Visa Entery for all Africans albeit the Fulanis into Nigeria. Today you have recruited Terrorists serving in the armed forces as So-called Repentant Boko Haram Terrorists; thereby making Nigeria a hub of Fulani Occupationists Terrorists’ Territory with capacity for expansion.

You have a duty to ensure that these terror groups are liquidated and cease to exist but this will not be possible with your appointment of Fulani people into security: management, control and administration positions. Even the appointment of Nuhu Ribadu as National Security Adviser is dangerous enough, now it is worse by the appointment of these two Fulani ministers, and will be worst and beyond control if El’frufai ever joins your government, even you as the President will not be spared.

This informs why there is ongoing peddling of the idea of granting Amnesty to the Gangs of Fulani Terrorists and their sponsors, while we their victims are left to groan in agony of our murdered people, and despair under unabetting insurgency and insecurity. Unless you reverse this defense ministery appointments and avoid appointing El’frufai in your government, your legacy as President of Nigeria is doomed to be a failed one in terms of insecurity, and if security is a failure it is not possible that other aspects of your government will be a success.

Now is the moment of decision: what do you want as your legacy? We are keenly watching.
Be warned, the Fulani war over the soul of Nigeria is raging in every facet of life of the country.

I trust that you will do the right thing.
Long live your Presidency and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami
-(Hausa People of Hausaland Emancipator)
Tel No. 0909 572 2228 (WhatsApp only)

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  1. Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  2. Speaker, House of Representatives Federal Republic of Nigeria

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