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Your campaign of religious sentiments as a Fulani Muslim Cleric over matters of National Interests is dishonest, selfish and distasteful. We would have ignored you but for the lies and misleading information that you put out there to innocent and unsuspecting Nigerians.

Your calls for more Muslims in the Appointments by Mr President, to reflect outlook of Muslim-Muslim Ticket of the government, is dishonest because former President Buhari did it though with a Muslim-Christian Ticket, yet we had the worst of times both in terms of Security and Economy of the Country. The only difference is that the Fulani people from both the formal and informal sectors smiled to their banks as the rest of Nigerians groan under insecurity, despair and hunger.

Your reference to Muslims’ Interests is therefore a cover for Fulani Interests, as demonstrated in Hausaland by Usman Danfodiyo two hundred and eighteen years ago when he hid himself under Islam; killed our people and colonized the Hausaland. This has remained the Fulani Agenda up till today. It is the continuation of this agenda that you want to achieve under the cover of cartering for the interests of Islam and Muslims.
Your reference to the current appointment of Service Chiefs that, it falls short of the Muslim population that brought President Tinubu and Vice President Shettima to power is unacceptable to us because, we the Native Indigenous Hausa People that have the overwhelming northern tribal voting block did not vote them to pursue religious agenda but performance, which the current composition of the Service Chiefs reflects and it has our full support. We are happy that the Fulani Orchestrated Insecurity is already beginning to fade away.

We have since realized the antics of the Fulani as they used religion to divide us in the past and we made enemies of ourselves while the Fulani takes over our land and resources to enslave us all.
Today we are more concerned about revival of unity amongst the Hausa People and Other Nigerians, for national unity, peace and progress.
Consequently, Lawal Triumph’s comments on the current Appointment of Service Chiefs do not represent the Hausa People or Northern Muslims whatsoever.
It is unfortunate that during Buhari’s government Lawal Triump’s or any Fulani Muslim Cleric’s comments were no where when:

  1. All arms of government leadership were lopsidedly in favour of the Muslims and more of Fulani.
  2. Killings, rape, kidnapping for ransom and displacements on Hausa People and other Nigerians were daily occurrences.
  3. Bus loaded with 45 Hausa People was set ablaze and the occupants denied any chance of escape.
  4. A Hausa Muslim pregnant woman in Fulani kidnappers den delivered twins and the dogs of the kidnappers were fed with the live twins. The mother died over the incident, yet N9Million ransom were paid to the kidnappers.
    The calamities itemized 1-4 above were inflicted on Muslims by Fulani. Therefore no Fulani Cleric should tell us any of their concerns on Muslims, for they are Liars, Pretenders and Treacherous. They are only faithful amongst themselves on the execution of the Colonization Agenda that was started by their progeny Usman Danfodiyo. The ideology of this agenda is what they refer to as Islam while those who believe and executive it, they refer to as ‘Muslims’. These are the Fulani Muslims all along. Their Elites, Monarchs and Clerics use every power, authority and resources at their disposal to expand their frontiers of dominance and to execute the Danfodiyo Colonization Agenda over Nigeria.
    They must not be trusted with elective or appointive positions of government.
    The Native Indigenous People of Nigeria should pay special attention to the Fulani and their war over our land, resources and people.

Written by:
Hajiya Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami
(The Native Indigenous Hausa People Emancipator)

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