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  1. His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu, The President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  2. Distinguished Senator Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, Senate President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  3. Rt. Honourable Tajudeen Abbas Speaker House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dear Sir,


Permit me to start by citing the Islamic quotations below because they are fundamental to the person of El-rufai and matters related to him here under reference.

A well-known Hadith says, “Among the signs of a hypocrite are three, even if he fasts and prays and claims to be a Muslim: when he speaks, he lies; when he gives a promise, he breaks it; and when he is trusted with an amana, he betrays.”
-Sahih al-Bukhari 33, Sahih Muslim 59

“To you
be your Way, and to me mine; Let there be no compulsion in religion: -(al-Kafirun, 109/1-6; al-Baqara, 2/256)

“Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depth (grade) of the Fire; no helper will you find for them.”
-(Al-Nisa 4:145)

Mallam Nasir El’Rufai was speaking at a Book Launch and Retirement event in honour of Prof Ishaq Akintola on Saturday 8th July, 2023; when he   claimed that, “self appointed, so-called Southern Kaduna Christian Elders” hated his former Christian Deputy Governor Mr. Barnabas Bala (aka Bantex) and battered him psychologically for  coming from a minority ethnic group: Moroa, and not the Atyap, Bajju, Jaba or Kagoro. Hence his resort to the Muslim-Muslim Ticket in Kaduna State.

But contrary to this narrative that best qualify as an afterthought; two video clips from a string of an earlier event that was recorded, show Mallam El’rufai speaking to a group of  Imams (Muslim Priests) and Ulamas (Muslim Scholars) in Hausa Language, shortly after inauguration of his successor Sen. Uba Sani as the new  Governor of Kaduna State, proved that he is not  honest with his claims. The video clips went viral soon after 29th May, 2023.
From the contents of the video clips El’rufai’s identity and political preferences from different perspectives were manifested: as a Fulani Man, a Muslim, a Politician, and a failed Administrator.
These perspectives expose the hidden policy foundations and objectives of the eight years administration of El’Rufai in Kaduna State.

Elrufai is a fulani man. The fulani are known  to be a culturally cohesive people which reflects the love, harmony and  bonding spirit amongst them. It counts for how over two centuries of their cohabitation and assimilation with hausa people in terms of marriage,  religion and language, they still retain their  cultures distinct from those of  the Hausas, that bind them inseparably as a people.

Elrufai is on records to have asserted that, “The fulani are a people who don’t forgive and don’t forget,” and also that, “We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes”. His postulations can only mean that the Fulani don’t offend each other, otherwise such unity amongst them would have been impossible. And that  outside their group they are above the law : that is going by El-rufai’s postulations. But former President Olusegun Obasanjo described the character of El’rufai like this, “… I have heard of how he ruthlessly savaged the reputation of his uncle, a man who was like, in the African setting, his foster father. I shuddered when I heard the story of what he did to his half-brother in the Air force who is senior to him in age.”

And yet both his Uncle and half Brother are Fulani! So, if the fulanis truly don’t forgive or forget, the El-rufai family would have probably wiped out themselves through cycles of reprisals from unforgiveness and vengeance. The postulation above also qualifies as  a felonious threat against the Nigerian Authorities by El-Rufai, representing himself and others known to him alone. No wonder through out his tour of duty as Governor, he did nothing but to stir up hatred and violence against Southern Kaduna People by his Fulani Militants and Terrorists.

For example El’rufai as a Governor declared that 66 Fulani people had been killed in Kajuru village of Adara Chiefdom ostensibly to precipitate ‘justified’ reprisals by the Fulani against the Adara people. This was later found to be untrue; furthermore, El’Rufai claimed to have paid compensations to Fulani in foreign lands to appease them to stop killing Southern Kaduna People, yet the killings continued unabated, throughout his two tenures as Governor of Kaduna State. Both Muslim and Christian Natives are killed in these attacks.

In very suspicious manner, the Agwam Adara (Paramount Ruler of the Adara Chiefdom) was murdered, only for Governor El’Rufai to subsequently  arrest and detain the Acting Traditional  Ruler,  Members of  the Council and Village Heads for over 90 days without trial, and subsequently dismembered part of their Chiefdom to the Fulani as Emirate (to the benefits of even the Christian Fulani), in a manner that fits into  Danfodio’s land grabbing expeditions and war booty sharing;  even as replacement for the late Monarch’s successor remains in abeyance up to when El’Rufai exited office. 

Considering the fact that Elrufai is a Muslim, the Fulani are immigrants to Hausa land and Islam existed in Hausa land for over three centuries before the usurpation of the Hausa traditional institutions by the Fulani in the guise of a Jihad Al-kuufaar ( this aspect of jihad by military action is  a guise because there is no such action by muslims against other muslims neither is there such example from the Qur’an or Saheeh Hadith) as this one led by Usman Danfodio. Some scholars euphemised it as: an uprising, a revolution, etc that arose from, “Abberations existing in the Hausa Society such as Napotism, Moral Indiscipline and Political Tyranny” that were said to be perpetrated by the Hausa Rulers.  But what is incontrovertible is that,  Usman Danfodio was dissatisfied with his personal, family and  Fulani ethnic status: as Settlers  in  Hausaland hence his takeover  of  the  ownership and control of the Hausaland and Resources, which in every respects amounts to colonization of the Hausa People.

And by extension the social and political architecture of Nigeria is being conditioned by the aims and consequences of the Danfodio’s  military adventure called ‘jihad’.
Main features/consequences of the ‘jihad’ as Anchor of Fulani Interests; are noticeable in their Unrelenting Hostilities and Stigmatization of non Muslim Hausas as Maguzawa (Pagans), and Other Nigerians as Arna/Kaffir (Disbelievers) etc to cause divisions and acrimony within the Hausas and the Hausas amongst other Nigerians using propaganda.

They deploy the use of Almajiri (mostly Hausa children) and Fulani Herdsmen: as renegades of the society, with complicity of the Fulani Muslim Elites/Mornachs, to achieve Territorial Expansions and Political Advantages by violence/administrative avenues. They share amongst themselves Ganima (ie war booty and other fallouts from their agitations), as incentives to encourage sustenance and continuation of the Danfodio’s Colonization agenda across Nigeria. They use Islam as their Cover.
These Fulani interests amongst others also include limitless  access to Power,  Authority,  Influence, and Affluence  in Wealth acquisition.
Former President Muhammadu Buhari demonstrated this  trait throughout the eight years he served: as his northern political appointees were mainly muslims  from his Fulani tribe.

To corroborate the  above; Elrufai in the aforementioned video clips, said, “…of course religion is the main thing I need not tell them that, and I swear by Allah this has been our agenda ever since we started looking for power…”.
Elrufai tried to deceive Christians and Other Non-Muslims that their Domination by Muslims meant no harm against  them. He deployed propaganda in his effort when in the video under reference he said that, “the Holy Prophet (SAW) lived with the non-muslims: Jews, Christians and even Heathens; they even referred to him as Amin (because he was fair to them).”

But contrary to the beautiful example of the Prophet above, he showed his true Colours and Intent when he said, “We got votes from Kubau, therefore they deserve more from us, I will give them more from the share of Jaba who didn’t vote us. This is in line with the teachings we received from Imams and Ulamas.”
The Islamic scripture was quoted out of context because the Prophet (SAW) of Islam earned  the name Al-Amin (meaning the trusted one ).

The same  Islamic scripture also speaks about the concepts of ‘live and let’s live’ between muslims and non Muslims; ‘there is no compulsion in Religion’;  it does not justify domination and exploitation of Christians/Others by muslims as Elrufai has done. Therefore, the idea of robbing Jaba people to pay the people of Kubau as demonstrated and justified by El-Rufai negates the very essence of his  presenting muslims as a people that are Just and Fair, and also reflects on his betrayal of his  Oaths of Allegiance to the Constitution and Office as governor which he swore to with the Qur’an before him. This self confessed act (beside others) has indicted and  convicted   El’rufai as a Munafeeqen (Hypocrite) of Islam, as signified by the opening quotes above.

This attitude only validates yet again former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s appraisal of El’Rufai as, “… a pathological purveyor of untruths and half-truths with little or no regard for integrity.” Surprisingly, El’rufai never demanded a retraction of the said Obasanjo’s statements on his character.

To reinforce El-rufai’s Religious Bigotry in the video clips referred to and other news media in the past, he made some shocking revelations such as, “but we detest arrogance and dishonor; this is what we want to prove, we have just started and need to sustain this for atleast 20 years so that they can understand, be humbled and be put in their proper places,  until they attest by themselves that muslim leadership is just and fair; Credit for this victory goes to you (Imams and Ulamas) here present.

You did the job not the politicians (the politicians only defrauded us I swear); Non muslims in the state don’t vote us (APC) ; we could win without them; I am pleading with you (Imams and Ulamas) in the name of Allah, to endure and ensure that Sen. Uba Sani gets the needed supports, such that upon the completion of his tenure, he gets another mandate to continue, and muslims leadership to continue until we prove to people that muslim leadership is not discriminatory; What we are not doing is talking to the Bigots of Southern Kaduna; This is the Panacea for Peace.  I swear by Allah this has been our agenda ever since we started looking for power.

In another breathe he said, “the country needs to choose competence over zoning when electing its president. Zoning has to be abandoned. It is Opaque and a Barrier to Political Equality. Barriers to political equality, such as our seemingly entrenched, though informal, rule for zoning candidates according to regions of origin need to be de-emphasized and ultimately abandoned  in favour of emphasis on qualification, competence and character; We observed that some people were plotting to keep the government remained in the north but we as northern muslims opposed it and we settled for a candidate (Asiwaju, though I was personally not in good terms with him before now) but we needed a candidate with capacity to win the election and for us to  defeat tribal and religious politics in Nigeria.”

It is abundantly clear from the foregoing that, El’rufai has shown his bias against Southern Kaduna People whom knowing them as Christians, must be humiliated to submission. He is not comfortable that Southern Kaduna Natives lay claim to ownership of their land, and their political inclination that is generally at variance with his own. Therefore his intent and purpose as governor has been to humiliate and subdue Southern Kaduna People until they submit to Islam and his Whims and Caprices, contrary to the opening Islamic quote above that says, “let there be no Compulsion in Religion.”

On the national front events have  shown that  he had naturally  been against the presidential project of Asiwaju until the  Asiwaju was declared winner. His Imams and Ulamas (who are mostly fulani that hold the sentiments of Danfodio very dearly just like El’rufai demonstratedly does) never supported Asiwaju, as their Clerics were seen all over news  media spaces campaigning in hausa language against a repeat of the June 12, 1993 scenario which (according to them) the Asiwaju Presidential Project represented.

Their preference for their fellow fulani muslim candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was  articulated in the same campaigns. Also Miyetti Allah as their mouth piece was every where declaring support for Atiku Abubakar. There is no where El’Rufai opposed their campaigns yet they remained his Ardent  Political Jobbers, as he credited them with the success of his politics.

He made statements without foundation which qualify them for propaganda and he pushed same as his  basis for state policy and actions as follows, “There are 70% Muslims and 30% Christians in Kaduna State; A government which Governor, Deputy Governor, Secretary to State Government, Chief of Staff, and Commissioner of Finance are all Muslims will not be unfair to Christians; And I challenged them to tell me who is it that this government have been unfair to, but  there was no reply; Your grouse can only be that, in the past you were used to rascality, killing of people, and that impunity of yours has now been stopped or you were used to blocking of roads, and we proved to you that there will be dire consequences for any of such actions (and trust me, we will do it).”

In his exploitation of Administrative Avenue El-rufai engaged in Land grabbing/seizure for the Fulani through expansion of Ladduga Grazing Reserve (turned Fulani village) in Kachia Local Government Area, by executive fiat from 33,000KM² to over 80,000Km² without full compliance with section 44 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended). Nasir El-rufai has confessed that his earlier declaration of 70/30% without recourse to verifiable data as Muslims to Christian population ratio respectively, in the State had been the basis of his Administration Policies and Actions in Governance.

For the purpose of divide and rule, Christians (mostly Southern Kaduna People) were maliciously pitched against Muslims, and non Indigenes in the State.
That Southern Kaduna People have been so blackmailed  and sidelined means that they have been shortchanged and there is no question about its existing reality either as it affects  an individual or group of the  people.

Added to the above,  El’Rufai; wittingly or unwittingly alluded to his superintendence of the killing of southern Kaduna people because he believes that they killed his Fulani people in the past, whose deaths must be avenged and to this extent, according to him: he is satisfied. By this he has made good his earlier threats that, “Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes”.

In conclusion: El’rufai confessed to have lied about the basis of his muslim-muslim ticket; the unfounded alleged killing of 66 fulani people in Kajuru; He promised Kaduna State  People when he took his Oaths of Allegiance and Office to the Constitution and The People respectively with the Qur’an that he will be Just, Fair and Equitable to all manner of people without condition or reservation; yet he lied,  broke the promises and betrayed the people’s trust in those oaths, as exemplified in his demonstrated preference for running a muslims dominated appointments and leadership, over and against Christians and those other non muslims in Kaduna State. These attributes qualify him as a munafeeqen (a hypocrite) never to be trusted.

That he imbibes the attributes of Usman Danfodio in governance means that his repeated claims to belonging to the group of, “… we as northern muslims”  pursuing Islamization; is  only a guise to Danfodios’ cum Fulani Colonization that had already been the Main Agenda, since northern Fulani muslims practice Danfodio’s brand of Islam. Colonization in what ever shape or form is a universal crime against the Hausa People, the people  of Kaduna State, other Nigerians and  Humanity in General. Nigeria as  a country  and people cannot afford the continuation of the Colonization Actions that El’Rufai and His Cohorts represent in governance anymore at any level. 

Consequently, every Nigerian has a duty to challenge and checkmate the ongoing Fulani Colonization Agenda in the Country. The Fulani must not be allowed any leadership position in Nigeria at what ever level because they use State Power and Resources to advance their Colonization Agenda.
Therefore, the Nigerian Public, National Assembly and President Federal Republic of Nigeria should be wary of  Mallam Nasir El’Rufai and his Fulani Cohorts.

Hajiya Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami
-(Hausa People of Hausaland Emancipator)

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