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A video clip gone viral shows mallam Nasir Elrufai addressing a group of Fulani Muslim Clerics,  on a certain day between 29th of May and 4th of June 2023, where he was speaking in Hausa language,  which translation states as follows:

“…A lot has has been said about the federal government.  It is true what Prof Akintola said,  we the governors of  APC resolved that government be moved to the south of Nigeria, in fulfillment of promise, though it was not written. It was a verbal promise witnessed by God. We observed that some people were plotting to keep the government remained in the north,  but we as northern muslims opposed it. The plot was defeated,  hence we settled for a candidate with capacity:
1.  To win the election

  1. To defeat tribal and religious politics in Nigeria
    We resolved to settle for Asiwaju even though I was personally not in good terms with him before now.  Prof. Akintola approached us with their leaders from Lagos and said; they were impressed by our resolve to conceded election to the south, but their worry is that the Yorubas are being discouraged within themselves that a Muslim Yoruba cannot win the election…”.

The above speech is the Hausa to English translation of  Elrufai’s statements.

Below is one of the many reactions to the lies and propaganda contained in the said Elrufai’s speech, by Hajiya Kalthoum Alumbe Jitami.

7th June 2023

I listened to the attached video clip:
Elrufai is merely on campaign of lies and propaganda to  confuse President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I trust that the President cannot be deceived because he is more knowledgeable and experienced beyond that.
Elrufai is laying false claims over credit to a group of northern governors as those behind the electoral victory of the President.

Whereas what he has is a group of fulani governors not northern governors in general as he wants the president to believe.  For long the idea of one north has been abandoned.  We now have immigrant fulani citizens and native  Indigenous Hausa  tribal  groups, and other groups of native Nigerians. You either talk as fulani for the fulani or hausa for the Hausa people. We have regrettably been deceived by fulani in the past only to be stabbed on our backs for which we have learnt our bitter lessons.  But going forward this will never happen again. You have no regards for religion or regional grouping.

All that matter to you is the fulani tribal group. This ideology cuts across your politicians,  Clerics and  Traditional leaders. This is very clear to us the Hausa people of Hausaland. It is we the hausas that stood our grounds to ensure election victory for Bola Tinubu. I  am not a politician let alone the idea of seeking notice for political appointments. Elrufai in collaboration with his  fellow fulani governors: Badaru Abubakar of jigawa, Ganduje of Kano, Masari of katsina, governors of Zamfara, Sokoto and kebbi conspired to undermine the electoral chances of Tinubu for being a Yoruba man. Fulani Clerics were all over media spaces campaigning against  Tinubu.

You charged that his wife and children are all Christians. Now you are pretending to be champions of his victory because you want to reap where you did not sow. You, the seven governors of Kano,  katsina,  Zamfara,  Sokoto,  Kebbi, Jigawa and Kaduna met severally solely to stop Tinubu’s victory. That by all means Atiku Abubakar must be supported to succeed Buhari, since he is a fellow fulani trusted to continue with the fulanization agenda that Buhari has taken to a far extent.

You Elrufai confessed in this same meeting with your Fulani Clerics that ever since you people started looking for power this fulanization has been your agenda. You people met in the office of Miyetti Allah in Kaduna where this conspiracy was hatched. Miyetti  Allah came out openly and declared that Atiku  Abubakar is their  candidate.  This is an open secret. Is it that you  have forgotten? You were by no means ever disposed to supporting Tinubu but Atiku Abubakar.

Even Kwankwaso was in the open campaigning against Bola Ahmed Tinubu, that he is an infidel and his wife and children are Christians. Elrufai, your claim to have defeated tribal and religious politics is a blatant lie and hypocrisy because tribal and religious politics is the stock in trade of the fulani people that you belong. You people have been feeding and thriving under tribe and religion; right from your progeny Usman Danfodio the notorious bandit, to your present generation. But the end has come because we the native Indigenous people of Hausaland are wiser.  We now know that you are liars,  pretenders, hypocrites and traitors.
His Excellency Kashim Shettima was not spared by you  either because of his being Kanuri. You tried to instigate identity crisis between Hausa and the kanuris by insinuating that the Hausa people were against Shettima because he is not a fulani.

Were it not for the swift reactions from us, the Hausa Emancipation Movement Activists who upon hearing about the propaganda quickly debunked it, there would have been serious crisis between the hausas and the kanuris. On the contrary you were the ones against Kashmim Shettima.  This we made abundantly clear in our rebuttals.

For this we were harrassed and intimidated by your agents and the authorities. Some were arrested and detained. In the  Presidential election across  the  seven Hausa states of Jigawa, kano, Sokoto,  Katsina,  Kaduna,  kebbi, and Zamfara;  there is no Fulani person that voted Tinubu but Atiku Abubakar. I am from Jigawa and one of those that did  door to door campaign for the election of Bola Tinubu. There were efforts to track me down for playing this role.

The DSS went after me, Elrufai knew all these things. My own brothers were arrested and detained for 42 days using them as a bait to get hold of me. One of our activists Abdulraheem Dan Zubair is still in DSS detention till date today  7th June 2023 still counting. 
We cited the killing agenda of the fulani as the basis of campaign against Atiku Abubakar who is also fulani. This was sensitive enough that motivated our people into voting for Bola Tinubu. When we were ravaged by floods Tinubu gave us financial relief but the governor Badaru Abubakar refused to disburse the money to the victims, all in his bid to undermine and make Tinubu unpopular.

These  facts were revealed to our people. Badaru Abubakar,  Sule Lamido and Atiku Abubakar were all in one accord to ensure that Tinubu does not win in Jigawa. In Kano Ganduje supported Kwankwaso. My prayers are that President Tinubu be wary not to fall for the pretenses and deception of the fulani conspirators, descendants  of the notorious bandit Usmanu Bin Fodiyo.

May there be understanding, love  and unity amongst the various tribal groups of Nigerians to stand against the evil machinations of the fulani against this country.

Even as I pray that Allah gives President Tinubu the wherewithal to deliver on his mandate to Nigerians. 

My family  is continuously being harrassed  and my life have remained at stake up to date.

Hajiya Kalthoum Alumbe Jitami  from Jigawa state of  the  Native Indigenous People of Hausaland.

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