The attached video shows Mallam Nasir  Ahmed Elrufai the immediate past APC governor of Kaduna state addressing a group of Muslim Clerics.

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The attached video shows Mallam Nasir  Ahmed Elrufai the immediate past APC governor of Kaduna state addressing a group of Muslim Clerics. This was shortly after inauguration of his successor Senator Uba Sani as the next governor of the state.
Mallam Elrufai was speaking in the video clip  and said the following:
“…When asked of the basis of my choice of Dr Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe as my Deputy in year 2019, my response as always has been:

  1. After deep considerations, I concluded that most non muslims in the state don’t vote our party.
  2. I found that we could win elections without them.
  3. Within the past four years we have proved that, a government which Governor, Deputy Governor,  SSG, Chief of Staff, Commissioner of Finance: are all muslims will not be unfair to Christians. And am asking:
    a. Is there any Christian in the state that has been short changed or has not been given his/her dues?
    b. Is there any ward in the state that we did not repair school, hospital, built roads, helped farmers; whether they voted us or not: we gave everybody their dues.
    c. We got votes from Kubau, therefore they deserve more from us and I will go to kubau and give them more ahead of Jaba that didn’t vote us. The benefits that should go to Jaba would  be diverted to kubau because they voted for us. This is in line with the teachings we received from you, the ‘Imams’ and ‘Ulamas’ . Leadership by muslims denotes fairness. The Holy Prophet (SAW) lived with non muslims: Jews, Christians and even the Heathens; they even referred to him as ‘Amin’ (because he was fair to them).
  4. No one can claim being short changed for not being a Muslim, except that those who have shown you love will certainly be given preferential treatment, but not to short change anybody. I have severally been challenged over this and my response has always been that of concerns for competence not religion (of course religion is the man thing I need not tell them that). And I challenged them to tell me who is it that this government have been unfair to, but  there was no reply. Your grouse can only be that, in the past you were used to rascality, killing of people, and that impunity of yours has now been stopped or you were used to blocking of roads; and we proved to you that there will be dire consequences for any of such action (and trust me, we will do it).
    These are our achievements in the last four years. And it is what we are demonstrating; as Senator Uba Sani and Dr Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe still won their election despite the religious gang up against us. Credit for this victory goes to you (‘Imams’ and ‘Mallams’)  here present. You did the job, not the politicians (the politicians only defrauded us -I swear). This fact is well known to Senator Uba Sani: we know those who received money but on the day of election they remained in their homes and switched off their telephones.  We know those volunteers who served as polling Agents. I am pleading with you in the name of Allah,  to endure and ensure that Senator Uba Sani gets the needed support, such that upon the completion of this tenure, he gets another mandate to continue, after which we shall continue, and to prove to people that muslim leadership is not discriminatory.  But we detest arrogance and dishonor; this is what we want to prove, we have just started and need to sustain this for atleast 20 years so that they can understand, be humbled and be put in their proper places,  until they attest by themselves that muslim leadership is just and fair. After Senator Uba Sani it will sum upto 16 years, another muslim will take over for another 8 years making it 24 unbroken  years, until they admit that Muslim leadership is just and fair.
    This is the panacea to peace.
    I swear by Allah this has been our agenda ever since we started seeking for power.  By the help of Allah,  your prayers and endurance we are on the right path . May Allah reward you…”

Translated by Comrade Tabara SK

My Comments:
I will  use some quotations to summarize the entire texts of the translated speech by Mallam Elrufai as follows:

  1. “What we are not doing is talking to the bigots” – Elrufai.
  2. “Nasir Elrufai is a pathological liar “
  • President Obasanjo.
  1. Danfodio’s major tools are sharing of war booty and propaganda as mass mobilization machine – Dr Ibrahim A. Modu
  2. Hausa: “Bamu da komi sai addinin nan, itace gatan mu, mutuncin mu da komi na mu”  English:”Besides this religion we have nothing, it is our refuge, our honour and all that we have” – Dr Isa Ibrahim Pantami .
    Considering the four quotations above every reader can see where Mallam Elrufai, as a fulani Muslim Elite, speaking for his family (the  Danfodios) is coming from and where he is going. 
    The good people of Kaduna state have no tribal, ethnic or religious problems.  Their only misfortune is that all manner of Bigotry as represented by mallam Nasir Elrufai ruled the state for 8 years with electoral victories  that remained questionable.

Comrade Tabara SK

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