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With due respect to our noble faith in Islam,  fellow good Muslims of the Sunnah, Prophet (SAW) and Saheeh Hadiths; Hausawa and other tribal group of Nigerians.

This rejoinder is not targeted at the religion of Islam or any denomination of the Muslim religion whether  the Shiatte or  not,  but Sheik El Zakzaky, Usman Danfodiyo (and his Descendants), other fulani  Muslim Clerics, and their agenda against the Native  Indigenous Hausa People particularly and Nigeria in general.
For their bent on obliterating the history, existence and  identity  of the Native Hausa/Hausawa  as an ethnic group and as  a people.

Thereby misinforming and misleading the innocent Nigerian public and the world;  about the originality  and nativity of the Hausa people of Hausaland.
We strive to expose the lies, propaganda and conspiracy of the fulani embedded in the malicious statements of El Zakzaky against the Native  Indigenous Hausa People of Nigeria as follows:

  1. That, Danfodio came to Hausaland and met them serving idols; is not true because Islam was settled in Hausa land for over 500 years before Usman Danfodio was born in Hausa land of Gobir (presently known as Sokoto) and he was taught the Islamic religion by Hausa Clerics/Scholars. He later grew up and  rebelled against his teachers and benefactors; typical of the fulani character. This trait is today amply demonstrated by the acts of brigandage and banditry being unleashed in Hausa land and across other parts of  Nigeria by fulani renegades like; Marwa Mai-Tatsine of late  in Kano, and recently his followers such as Bello Turji, Dogo Kyade, Ado Alero and so on. As evidence,  we have Mosques and Traditional Palaces (today being occupied by your  fulani self claimed muslim Monarchs) that exists today since over 800 years ago that they were built. We also have history of Hausa Natives Islamic Scholars that predates the arrival of Usman Danfodio’s father in Hausa land.
    What Usman Danfodio did in Hausa land, that you are repeating today; is deceits, terrorism and bloodsheds.
    There is no idol worship worse than what the fulanis are doing today at Danfodio’s grave in Sokoto; where every Thursdays  Fulanis are trouping in their thousands to Danfodio’s grave to worship him and make requests to him and not God almighty.
  2. That Baya-jidda is the Progenitor of the Hausa People is also not true. This is so because the Native Hausa People of the  Hausaland have been in existence for over 3000 years before Baya-jidda’s arrival to Hausaland and his story  being fabricated. It is because of your quest  to obliterate this original history and create your fake history over Hausa land and Nigerian people, that your  fulani elites  and monarchs conspired with state authorities to stop the teaching of history in Nigerian schools. That the Hausa language is spoken by nearly all other tribal people of Nigeria, does not mean that Hausa People that own the language have gone extinct.  This is clearly the expectations of the Danfodios when they betrayed our trust and overran our kingdoms and took them over in the guise of executing Islamic Jihad. Today English is the most spoken language in the world,  yet no one can contest the fact that owners of the language are still alive and they remain owners of their Lands and Traditions. Similarly, you cannot say that the Arabs don’t exist anymore because nearly every Muslim in the world understands or speaks Arabic.
    The case of the Hausa language and its people (the aborigines)  is not different. Religion and Language are Human cultures. A Culture like Islam unifies people but the unity can never take away their different identities. Cultures may disappear but Humans don’t disappear because of Culture;  as you clearly want the world to believe. There is no where in the world that a tribe of people disappeared because of Islam.
    People speak Hausa in Nigeria for so many good reasons other than religion. 
    Not everybody that speaks Hausa is a Muslim or Northerner and we are happy with that as owners of the language.
    Much to your misfortunes, we the tribe of  Hausa people have the highest population in Nigeria that dwarfs that of  the Fulanis in the entire Africa. This our population shall  be speaking in every elections in  Nigeria. The era where you exploit our identity for your own selfish good and to our own detriment is gone.
    Enough is Enough.
  3. That there is a plan to discredit the Islamic Work of Danfodio which you will not allow to happen but to spread his works (cum ideologies) upto to the banks of the Atlantic ocean so that all people will become one; this in itself is ‘FODIYONCI’ (also known as Fodiyanism).
    For avoidance of doubts Fodiyanism is not about the Islam and Al Sunnah we believe, as espoused by the teachings of the holy Prophet (SAW),  but the exploitation of Islam and the Al Sunnah as exemplified in the acts of treachery,  deception, malice,  brigandage,  banditry, terrorism, pillage and usurpation; that were  perpetrated in Hausaland by Usman Danfodio.
    In effect you are set to complete the takeover of Nigeria through  the exploitation of Islam as a cover, to complete the agenda set for you by your spiritual model Usman Danfodio.
    You know that Islam has been settled in western Nigeria centuries before Danfodio was born. Islam is also in Igboland today. And the Yorubas  and Igbos are living peacefully  with their non Muslim brothers and sisters. Just like you the fulani are enjoying unity and peace amongst yourselves without any form of discrimination but would never want to see other people enjoy same even on their home lands.
    Therefore,  your brand of Islam (Danfodiyonism) that instills hate, strife and division amongst people is not needed or acceptable anywhere.  If not for land grabbing and other forms of criminality to exploit people;  which Islam are you  planning to spread to the  western and eastern parts of Nigeria, for unification of the people, which people? Is Islam the only culture that unite people, has your fulani used it to unite the north instead of dominating  the north? You have used it to dominate the north and want to extend this same domination to the south. Period!
    We do not have objections to the spread of Islam which is true and  peaceful with respect to individuals’ lives and their properties.
    You arrogate to yourselves the exclusive authority to confirm anyone as a Muslim or a pagan which has no legitimacy from the Qur’an. And you continue to kill and plunder the resources of people whether they proclaim Islam or not. Hence the unmitigated killings and banditry by the fulani in Hausaland and across Nigeria.
    In sha Allah your aim at taking over Nigeria for a fulani nation will never succeed because we are alive and for you THE GAME IS OVER!


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