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12th May 2023

Dear Sir,

Mr President-Elect Sir, we are never tired of congratulating you and expressing our joy over your electoral victory You ever remain in our prayers of goodwill for you and all lovers of yours.
We trust and believe in your capacity and willingness to do justice to all Nigerians, that will mark the end of fulani tyranny in the country.
We, as the Hausa tribe of people of Nigeria are peaceful, tolerant, homely and accommodating. By our humble virtues we make bold to say that we standout amongst others. We respect leaders of all shades of life. Even our agelong adversaries the fulani can attest to these claims of ours. It is in our demonstration of the said virtues that we gave you our block  votes. We count ourselves among all those who desire meaningful change through you that voted for you.
Your well known personal virtues that transcends all manner of discriminations which qualifies you as a pan Nigerian sold you to us.
While we earnestly await your inauguration, we are praying that God blesses you with a good team members in your cabinet, that will salvage Nigeria from remains of her ruins, after the disastrous government of President Buhari.
We can’t wait to abreast you of the horrors we have been going through; following the ongoing genocidal agenda of the fulani that have been unleashed unto us. Hence our resolve to get the fulani out of power as we amply demonstrated in your election.

The following gory incidents amongst several others are on records to make our case justifiable:

  1. A kidnapped pregnant Hausa woman delivered twins under fulani captivity, only to watch helplessly as the same twins were thrown to fulani owned dogs to feed on by her captors. She died instantly upon sighting the barbarism meted to her freshly born babies. This is besides the sum of 9Million Naira ransome they collected from her family.
  2. At the venue of a naming ceremony of a 7days old hausa baby, the fulani seized the baby and dropped her into a boiling pot of stew to cook. The people (including parents of the baby) were afterwards forced by the same fulani, to eat the flesh and blood of their own child.
  3. The fulani abducted a traveling Hausa couple with their adult son and compelled the son to have sex with his mother, in full glare of the father or they be killed. They were refused every plea but had to commit the incestuous act against their free will, religious beliefs and common humanity.
  4. The fulani are well known to have abducted married women and forced their husbands to provide mattresses with which to raped them inside a mosque. This happened in Sokoto and is common knowledge to the Sultan, all the Muslim Clerics and general public. Yet conspiracy of silence pervaded the state over the matter; except for the non fulani people that made some noises over the incidents.
  5. A truck load of charred remains of murdered hausas were brought to palace of the Sultan by some hausa youths, believing that it will prick his conscience to act. Surprisingly there was no demonstration of any form of concerned action; rather the dead bodies and those that conveyed them simply disappeared without their traces.
  6. Governor Zulum of Borno state donated huge sums of money as aid to displaced Hausa people in Sokoto and Zamfara States, but the governors denied the victims access to the moneys. Governor Zulum can attest to this.
  7. Hausa Christians were in Church service on a Sunday when fulani entered the church and opened gun fire on them. Several people were killed and some were abducted for ransom.
  8. Hausa Muslim and Christian Clerics including those of other tribes have severally been abducted by the fulani for ransom. No fulani person have been abducted.
  9. They have set ablaze several hausa villages and burnt people alive. Some were pursued and killed in their bids to escape out of the burning fires.
  10. In katsina a Hausa woman hid her children inside a barn of foodstuffs, the fulani traced them there and burnt them alive.
  11. A bus conveying 44 parsons: males and females, young and old, abled and disabled people, children and infants including pregnant woman; was set ablaze. While the people were being roasted alive the pregnant woman bursted and her baby gushed out. The fulani gleefully smashed the baby using their feet.
  12. Under Buhari’s government no Hausa person was given any appointive position, as evidence of his fulani mischief against the hausas; despite their huge population without which he would not have won his two successive terms elections.
  13. Hausa Children both Christians and Muslims are denied school admissions and jobs. Those admitted in schools, colleges or universities are denied courses of their preferences. In Kano state particularly, they are being denied Certificate of Indigineship despite their being bonafide aborigines and native Indigenous people of the land.
  14. The fulani are traitors: our continued experience of over 218 years of accommodating them that turned out to be the burden of calamities we are bearing today is eloquent testimony of the truth of our complaints against them.

Mr President-Elect, considering all of the above, you are hereby being strongly advised to be wary of the fulani:

  1. Don’t appoint any of them into any key or sensitive positions, particularly office of the FCT ministry that they believe it’s their birthright. Please spread your appointments equitably across all other well meaning Nigerians.
  2. Don’t ever approve the creation of state police. The fulani will be imported across the country to dominate it. This will only weaponize the fulani with license to kill the native Indigenous people of Nigerian, with aim to take over their lands.
  3. You are strongly advised to demand for the investigation reports on killings and displacement of persons in Zamfara, Sokoto, kano, Jigawa, Kebbi, Niger and Kaduna States; wherein the traditional monarchs and community leaders were found to have been indicted.
  4. The fulani are extremely dangerous: be wary and never trust people like; Badaru Abubakar, Abdullah Ganduje, Nasir Elrufai, Rabiu Kwankwaso, and Nuhu Ribbadu. They are all loyal to Atiku Abubakar and not you, don’t be deceived. You can verify all our claims, the outcome will surely surprise you. Already, investigations have shown that fulani Governors, Monarchs and Politicians of Zamfara, kebbi, Jigawa, Kaduna, kano and katsina are the sponsors of the ongoing genocide, rape and dispossession of land and properties against the hausa people and other Nigerians.
    In conclusion Mr President-Elect, we trust and believe that:
  5. You will be just, fair and equitable; unlike President Buhari who turned governance and political appointments lopesidedly ethnic as exclusive preserves of his own family, the fulani family, friends and cronies.
  6. You must know that what the fulani do as politics is not the politics that you know, but a Danfodio Family Dynasty Movement, using their Ethnicity and exploitation of Religion of Islam.
  7. Trust no fulani man or woman in the interest of your personal safety and good of your government.
  8. We shall relentlessly continue to expose every evil and threats to the good and well being of you, your government and people of Nigeria.
  9. You must give attention to Nigerians across the country that are today displaced refugees in their country due to the ongojng demonic activities of the fulani against Nigerians.
  10. Threats to my life cannot deter me from speakingout; for I consider it a divine calling and personal sacrifice for the good of my Hausa people and other Nigerians.
    God bless You and the Federal Republic of Nigeria .
    Your most respectfully,

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