The impact of the words delivered on the Ekweremmadu case by the Judge

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The impact of the words delivered on the Ekweremmadu case by the Judge kept exploding in my ears long after they vacated the courtroom. 
“You exploited the vulnerability of his poverty” 
“You have profound understanding on the impact of poverty”.
In a country where poverty is used as weapon to destroy the poor there is no doubt that Ike Ekweremmadu would be walking free if he had committed his offense in Nigeria.
But gracious God caused it happen in a country where they breed human beings not a country like Nigeria that is littered with animals that look like human beings.
As the Judge delivered his judgement in a well composed but deadly worded argument littered with moral lessons and pontificated with dangerous venom reserved for the indiscretion of the Nigerian judiciary under the firm control of rogue figures, I thought of Justice Tanko the rogue CJN with rogue judgments in Imo State that threw 4th placed gubernatorial contestant to No 1.
I also thought of a character like Orji Uzoh Kalu who ought to be in Kuje prison rather than sitting on the floor of the NASS where he sits with many criminals to make laws for decent people.
I thought about a character like Bola Tinubu standing judgement in UK or US with his dirty past. A man that ought not to stay with humans is the one walking about as President select. The judicial umpire in these countries would have thrown his carcass to the vultures and the hyanas. 
I thought of Mahmood Yakubu the rogue Professor who ruined the fate of millions of Nigerians through his rogue delivery in the last election.
I thought about Buhari, the terrorist who hinted about returning to Niger Republic after 8 ruinous bloody years replete with the murder and harvesting of lives of innocent Nigerians.
I thought of Ahmed Lawan, the buffoon that presides over the NASS. 
I thought of Gbajabiamila, the moron that in charge of the Lower House. 
I thought about Wike and his circle of criminals that hijacked politics and fate of millions of people in Nigeria.
Then I thought of many sick hypocrites like many of you reading this post who supported and is still supporting these rogues on the platform of tribal and religious bigotry and for rentseeking.
These are wreckers of humanity and wreckers of destinies whose primary objective and purpose in life is to kill, to steal and to destroy
Justice Jeremy Johnson made it clear that the three accusers played a part in a “despicable trade”.
But there is one central feature in his judgement which is the fact that poverty was exploited for the benefit of the wealthy.
It’s quite interesting that a doctor meant to save lives, stole part of the money given to the donor by Ekweremmadu while Ekweremmadu a wealthy politician with more than 40 properties across the world bankrolled the process to strip a poor boy of his kidney without explaining its long term health implication.
Sadly, everyday in Nigeria, rogue politicians harvest the lives of Nigerians not just kidneys, through mindless looting of public funds yet Nigerians who are daily hustling to eat to remain alive are too powerless to stop them because poverty has been weaponised against millions of Nigerians.
It is even laughable that some of the morons that populate the NASS and House of Reps wrote to plead on Ekweremmadu’s cause. I think that rather than douse the temper of the Judge it worsened it. He is aware that many of those who tried to intervene are the same set of criminals harvesting the lives of Nigerians and 
I am happy for the judgement against Ekweremmadu and his family.
Unfortunately, I doubt if any lesson would be learnt by Nigerian politicians because Nigeria breed more animals and less human beings. 
Sadly, in Nigeria, it is the victims of slavery exploitation that come online to defend the culprits. They are already making excuses for Ekweremmadu. 
To destroy Nigeria remains topmost in God’s priority. 
I remain Marvelous, the angry man writing from London.
©️ Marvelous Marvels Nnatu

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