AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT – ELECT: H.E. BOLA AHMED TINUBU. From The Native Indigenous Hausa People Of Hausaland (Northwest Nigeria).

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Dear Sir,
On behalf of the good Native Indigenous Hausa-People of Hausaland, I hereby  congratulate you and your vice president – elect: H.E Kashim Shetima on your  election as  President and Vice President of the federal republic of Nigeria respectively. We pray to God that your government and  administration will be  successful with lot of achievements more than ever before seen in Nigeria.

However,  you must be mindful  of our history as Hausa People and the ugly fact that, ever since the acts of brigandage  and  banditry perpetrated  by Usmanu Danfodiyo and his fellow fulani cohorts on hausa land; the social and political architecture  of  Northern Nigeria have continuously and  deliberately been  constructed to continue  to  be in line with  the aims and  objectives  of the Danfodiyo’s greed-inspired military actions in Hausa Land,  as the attitudes and actions of  the Fulani Ruling Monarchs, Clerics  and Political Elites continue  to  represent since the year 1804 to date. These are the architects  of Terrorism,  Banditry,  Insurgency and other forms of Insecurity in Nigeria with the  aim of taking over ownership of the Lands and  Resources of Nigerians and  enslaving/eliminating the native  indigenous people.  

This fact of our  history, has been the bane of  social malaise in all (northern states and  federal) governments  and administrations in Nigeria. It must not  be allowed  to continue, otherwise, your own  government (to-be) will not be any different  from those before  it or may even be worse, but may God forbid that. This is why the  fulani people never supported your presidential candidacy or campaign. They did not vote you either because Abubakar  Atiku of the PDP is their  candidate.  Those few that stood around  you and are allover you now are all pretending. We, the hausa  people across  Nigeria are the ones that gave you our support  and votes overwhelmingly. In view of the above we advise that:

  1. Be wary  of fulani politicians like; Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, Badaru Abubakar, Nasir El-rufai, Ganduje and a host of other fulani politicians. These people don’t play civil  politics but fulanization.  All they do is to undermine any non fulani controlled government to perpetuate their agenda over Nigeria.  They will not do less if allowed any space in your government.
  2. Do not continue with the mistakes of our forefathers who out of goodwill and human kindness  offered accommodation to the fulani people, and  ever since  their integration into the hausa kingdoms, they have become thorns in our flesh; for over  218 years now that they killed our kings and leaders, and usurped our traditional institutions, we have remained their slaves in our land: a fate we since then resigned to,   yet they don’t want to see us alive as they continued to kill and displace us over our land till today.
  3. Be mindful of the facts that, the Fulanis are not interested in one Nigeria or the peaceful co-existence of Nigeria  rather,  they are after total and complete take over of Nigeria as an exclusively fulani owned country, under the  supreme ownership of their  Monarchs (Sultan and Emirs) and  control of their  political  Elites (Ministers,  Governors, Legislators, Commissioners, etc); by every possible means at their disposal.
  4. Be wary of their claims to hold concerns for interests of Islam and Muslims. They only  use Islam as a tool to brainwash and manipulate people, to be able to enable them in carrying out their devious and selfish plans against the  unsuspecting people.  This is how they successfully killed our kings and leaders, and displaced many of our people to neighboring countries. The Muslims, Christians and Traditionalists of the  Hausa native  indigenes are all  victims of their antics no exception. They destroy Mosques, Churches and Shrines. They have raped women and children, and killed  people inside the mosque. They are fake Muslims.
  5. As a proof of the conspiracy and complacency of the fulani Monarchs, clerics and Elites,  they don’t immediately condemn the atrocities of their people visited on others,  even when they pretend to do so lately, they are reservedly mild and unequivocal with their condemnations with no deterent actions against them, instead they justify them as being on revenge mission. They are rather seeking or trying to devise amnesty, palliatives and compensation for the enemies of state and humanity that they represent. 
  6. Giving political appointments to any of the fulanis will always amount to reinforcement of Terrorism, Banditry, Insurgency and general insecurity in Nigeria. The political offices and government resources have remained the stock warehouses of their weaponry. They must be dispossessed of these privileges in order to disarm  them if Nigeria must know peace and progress.
    And in all of these wicked activities carried by the Fulani mercenaries in the bush, their politicians who are mostly the governors and  national assembly members  will not condemn their actions or fight against it, rather they encourage and justify them. 
  7. Henceforth, you can always count on us, the hausa people (not fulani) as your trusted friends and partners in the Nigerian project and particularly your incoming government in which we are desirous in having our rightful place and roles to play. We reaffirm our belief in one Nigeria where the Igbo, Yoruba,  kanuri, Ijaw,  Birom, Tiv, Bajju, Nupe, etc are relating as brothers and  sisters; regardless of their religion.
  8. Finally,  Your Excellency Sir,  you must resist every pressure from whatever quarters; no matter the socalled political correctness or otherwise of it, that you give any fulani man any sensitive role to play in your government.  TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO FOREARMED .

May God bless you,  your vice president and the good people of Nigeria. 
Long live our President and  Vice President elect,  and  the federal republic of Nigeria.
Yours most respectfully;
Hajiya Kalthoum Alumbe Jitami.
(Activist of the Hausawa Movement of Nigeria).

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