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KILLING NIGERIAN CULTURES TO KILL THE PEOPLE : WAR against Nigerian Cultures is a total war against existence of the Native Indigenuos People of Nigeria.

People are identified by their Land Space, Cultures, Customs and Traditions. Let’s look at them:-

1. Culture: This is the people’s ways and means of their articles of life, like collective arts and achievements, ideas, customs, social behavior, institutions, code of manners, dress, language, religion, rituals, etc.

2. Custom: This is the people’s expression of their acceptance of the ways, means and articles of life identified as their culture.

3. Tradition: This is the act of transmission, transfer, communication or indoctrination into the particular people; of the ways and means of sustaining their articles of life or culture from generation to generations.

NB: Tradition is a birthright, Ritual and Mores of a people in their society. Nobody who means well should take that from them. It is their fundamental rights to decide what is good or bad for them. God allows every person the freedom of choice, and be accountable to God. Preachers have the rights to ONLY PREACH. Hence the adage; “Those in Rome must behave like the Romans” to do otherwise is a declaration of war on the Romans. We, as the Native Indigenous People of Nigeria are not different.

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From historical records, ever since the overthrow of the Hausa Kingdoms and usurpation of the tradition of the Hausa people otherwise called ‘Jihad’ by Usman Danfodio, whose parents were in Hausa land for their safety and accommodation (ie Hijirah); there has been continuous conditioning of the history, social and political texture of the Hausa land, Northern Nigeria and Nigeria as a country, into shape that takes after the intentions of the so-called ‘jihad’. The Sultanate and Emirates are non-Hausa traditions nor African traditions save for the Arabs of Africa (though contentious). Conversely, during the Jihad of the Holy Prophet of Islam (Pbuh), after his Hijra (ie escape from persecution in Mecca) in Medina; he did not remain in Medina (where he took refuge) and overthrow their kingdom or usurp their tradition; he graciously went back to Mecca where he emigrated from and continued his jihad there. This is the departure between Danfodio’s jihad and that of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

The Danfodio’s Overthrow of Hausa kingdoms brought about Sharia in Northern Nigeria and Constitution of Nigeria 1999, Boko Haram by ideology extention, Fulani Terrorism and Banditry, Nigerian 1999 Constitution (as amended) that does not recognize the Native people of Nigeria, Fulanization of Nigeria Agenda in the guises of; Islamization, Cattle Colonies, Grazing Routes/Reserves, Water Ways Bill, National Council of Traditional Rulers’ (NCTR) Bill 2008 , Islamic Banking, APC Political Party and Fulani controlled Federal Government of Nigeria.

Interestingly, all of the above attributes of the Danfodio’s jihad are designed by intention or default to achieve actualization of the famous statement (without necessarily alluding it to any person in particular ) that says, ” The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Usman Danfodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory, and never allow them rule over us or have control over their future.”

The fulani have no original traditional institution in Nigeria but cultural because they don’t own any land in Nigeria by Ancestry or Originality: The Danfodio established Sultanate and Emirates that replaced the hausa traditional institutions are of Arabian Traditions on the Lands of the Arabs.


1. THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TRADITIONAL RULERS: The Terms of Reference (TOR) of the ‘botched’ National Council of Traditional Rulers’ Bill 2008 which states amongst other things that;-

There shall be established a body at the Federal, States and Local Governments to be known as the National Council of Traditional Rulers to do the following amongst other things:-

i. Eliminate those Customs and Usages that are outmoded and Socially Harmful.

ii. Assist in resolving boundary disputes.

iii. They shall make declaration of its customs and Traditions which SHALL be CODIFIED and LEGISLATED INTO LAW.

Although the National Council of Traditional Rulers’ (NCTR) Bill 2008 was not passed into law, the council has been established somehow unknown to most Nigerians, with the Sultan of Sokoto as the permanent Chairman and the Onni of Ife as the Co-Chairman.

Interestingly, the Sultan is a Religious Leader not a Traditional Ruler from the Immigrant Fulani tribal group. The Fulani have no Tradition with root from Nigeria. They only migrated with there Cultures and their overall cultural leader in Nigeria is the Thabital Pulaaku the Lamido of Adamawa. If the fulani are to be represented in the NCTR, the Lamido of Adamawa should be the one, not the Sultan and Hausa people being the owners of the land should have been represented. In traditional matters leader of the fulani population of estimated 5% cannot represent the Hausa 30% of 220 million (supposedly all independent) people of Nigeria (were it not that their traditional institutions were overthrown and usurped by the Fulani). This marks evidence of the ‘DEATH’ of Hausa as a People and Tradition.


i. CITIZENSHIP; Chapter 3 defines cretaria for citizenship to be by; Birth, Registration and Naturalization. It allows Dual Citizenship, Renunciation and Deprivation of citizenship; Persons doomed to be Nigerians with reference to date of independence and Grant of special Immigration status by the President. NB: There is no mention of or recognition for the Native Indigenous People of Nigeria (Owners of the Land ) or their Status before/after the independence. Thereby consigning them to the status of a conquered people in conquered territory.

ii. FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS : Chapter 4 gives fundamental rights (as the right to: Life, Dignity, Liberty, Fair Hearing, Privacy and Family, Freedom of Thoughts, Conscience, and Religion, Expression and Press, Peaceful Assembly and Association; Freedom to/of/from: Movement, Discrimination, Acquire and Own Immovable Property, Compulsory Acquisition of Property), all these rights are given to Immigrants and Natives on equal status, without regards for the native peoples’ cultures, customs, traditions, ancestry, land ownership and boundaries. To protect these rights, Section 45(1b) was added; “… for the purpose of protecting the rights and freedom of other persons.” There is nothing mentioned for the protection or preservation of the bonafide rights and freedom of the Native Indigenous People of Nigeria. Their rights are simply subsumed under ‘the Rights of Other Persons’ and they are CAGED to these rights by the requirements of 4/5 majority votes to change any of the provisions of the chapter 4. Whoever assumes by pretense, omission or commission that nobody owns a thing is simply admitting that he/she is not the owner.

NB: In the American Democracy and Constitution that we are copying, there are special provisions for the Native Indigenous People of America (Owners of the Land) even though the Natives are minority by population of 2.6% of the American 332 million people as at 2022 estimated figures. The Natives are automatic citizens of All States and the States in which they reside. Unlike Nigeria with estimated 220 million people, that the Natives alone constitute over 90% of the population. And cannot claim citizenship outside their native states. But immigrants are free to be citizens of any state with equal rights like a native citizen. Consequently, the over 90% native Indigenous people of Nigeria are by design or default set out to be CONQUERED by minority immigrants.

iii. DIRECTIVE ON NIGERIAN CULTURES: Section 21(a) demands that, Cultures must be, “… consistent with the fundamental objectives as provided in Chapter 2 (the objectives amongst others are ; Political, Economic, Social, Educational, Foreign Policy, Environmental, CULTURAL, Mass Media, National Ethics, Duties of Citizens, etc). The NTRC are empowered to Kill any Culture they deemed as outmoded, harmful or offensive; and to declare its Customs (ie their own accepted Cultures) and Traditions (ie their own accepted means or modes of transfer of their accepted Cultures) and they SHALL BE CODIFIED AND LEGISLATED INTO LAW. To ensure that the war on cultures is total, complete and irreversible, section 6 subsection 6c provides permanent immunity on all Persons and Authorities that exercised Legislative, Executive or Judicial powers, to observe and apply the provisions of this chapter 2. This means that the Native Indigenous people of Nigeria cannot go to court; no matter the damage done on them by reason(s) of KILLING their Cultures. Yet the person in Charge of the National Traditional Rulers Council of Nigeria (that is doing the Cultures Elimination war) is an immigrant fulani citizen with rights of dual citizenship and known to have professed that he does not recognize any Nigerian Constitution but the Qur’an as his only Constitution.

iv. BOUNDARY ADJUSTMENTS: Section 8(2a) provides that for any Boundary Adjustments to be valid it requires 2/3 majority votes in its support at the Senate, Houses of Assembly and Local Government Counsels.

NB: Boundary Adjustments and the Creation of Authorities like the National Traditional Rulers Council of Nigeria (empowered to handle the Boundary Adjustments and Cultures) are statutory functions within the Exclusive Legislative Lists of the President of Nigeria. That the NTRC has been established outside an Enabling Act means that there is Relentless Desperation in the Government’s Desires to redesign Nigeria from its roots and wipe out every traces of the owners of the land thereby conforming Nigeria to the ideals of the said; “…New Nation as the Estate of our great grandfather Usman Danfodio”.

Finally, the foregoing are clear pointers to the reason why we have the following issues in Nigeria:-

1. The Hausa as one of the 3 largest tribal native indigenous people of Nigeria have no Traditional Ruler but are subsumed under the immigrant fulani citizens in their Land of Ancestry. This is another version of Apartheid South Africa and there is ongoing efforts to spread it all over Nigeria.

2. The Geopolitical Structure of Nigeria is skewed in favour of the influences of the Sultanate and Emirates, to enhance and establish their permanent monopoly of ownership and control over power, Politics and Resources of Nigeria.

3. The Nigerian constitution 1999 as amended is skewed in favour of the same Sultanate and Emirates; such that the political system and governance are centered on the Fulani Muslim Elites and Monarchs so that they alone control all the levers of power, economy and authority.


1. Resolve to Take Back Your Country by ensuring that the next President of Nigeria, Federal and States’ Legislators and the State Governors down to the local government councils are not elected from among the fulani tribal group.

2. Be sure you elect competent, physically and mentally strong person as President.

3. Be sure you prevent violence in all your domains and stay vigilant against any form of election Rigging.

By Comrade Tabara SK .

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