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Emmanuel Chinedu Ndubuisi a native of Amuda Eluoma, Uzuakoli, Born June 1, 1969. An Alumnus of the River state University, Emmanuel Chinedu Ndubuisi is the member representing Bende south state constituency at the 7th assembly, Abia state house of assembly. Emmanuel Chinedu Ndubuisi is a pilot of great thoughts , advances and is full of innovative ideas. He has become a reference for competence and resourcefulness.

He has about 2 decades experience in Sustainable and renewable energy generation and is regarded as the father of modern/renewable electricity in Bende and Abia state.

In 2012, Emmanuel Chinedu Ndubuisi started the Ijiriji Foundation for community development, a non-profit and non-governmental organization poised with the aim of bringing succor, support and development to the society through Education, Agriculture, infrastructural and human capacity development.
Emmanuel Ndubuisi is a legislator par excellence whose grandeur and finesse at the chambers of the Abia House, has earned him the admiration of his constituents and beyond. Chief Ndubuisi Emmanuel Chinedu upon his dynamic role and legislation towards youth development was appointed Chairman House Committee on Youth and sports development. Chief Ndubuisi Emmanuel Chinedu was the Director of Conduit Group, an electrical engineering and renewable energy company and an accomplished businessman and the President of the Catch them Young Club, a Pro-student club with the aim of raising and shaping young minds, empowering them to be true leaders of a better tomorrow.

Chief Emmanuel Chinedu Ndubuisi has been executing capital and human development projects before his emergence as a member of the state legislature and has used his office as the member representing Bende south at the Abia state house of assembly to attract and carry out more developmental projects in the constituency including building of several classroom blocks across schools in the six wards of Bende south, grading and opening up of rural roads, construction of solar paneled water schemes and distribution of electricity transformers to some communities of Bende South State Constituency.

Chief Ndubuisi Emmanuel Chinedum , a devout Christian is married and blessed with children.

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