The attached Forwarded Audio: AUD-20221211-W (of playing time 38:39 minutes-seconds) of 10;54 hours of the day: is the voice of Mallama kaltum Alumbe Jitami from Adamawa State.

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Kaltum is a Hausa Activist who is determined to correct the general perception of the Hausa Identity and the erroneous notion about the perceived Hausa-Fulani hegemony in northern Nigeria.

The audio message is her reaction to very recent comments Former SGF Babachir Lawal made in a TV and Radio Interviews, where he made reference to Hausa-Fulani of Northern Nigeria Muslims.

She said, “…Today, am speaking to all northern Christians, of all tribes of Nigeria.  We are pushed to the end of the wall. I am a Hausa woman and a Muslim and am proud of my identity.  I refer to Lawal Babachir. You claim that Christians in the north are marginalized. 

Am impressed that you are fearless in expressing your views.  I am your ardent listener and follower. And I admire you so much. This doesn’t mean I won’t criticize you where ever need be. You are ignorant of the northern people and it’s problems.

 In your channels TV recent interview,  you claimed that Christians are being marginalized that they had to work extra by multiple times the efforts of the Hausa-Fulani, before they qualify for anything good in the North. You are exclusively concerned about Christians.

 You ignored the plight of others: Hausa Muslims and Christians.  You cited Prof Ishaya Audu as the only former Christian VC of ABU. I am offended by your statement that,  except one is Hausa-fulani before one  can gain employment, school admissions or any government benefits.

Here, you were unfair to us the Hausas . In this same north there are Muslims that are subjected  to intense inhumanity. In your channels TV interview, you were particular about Christians persecution only, without regard to the plights of other northerners. Be informed that, All Non Fulani northerners don’t fair better regardless of religion, due to domineering attitudes of Descendants of Uthman Danfodio .

In Adamawa your state of reference, the Fulani dominated every sphere of the life and persecute all others, particularly the Hausas regardless of their religion, tradition and culture. I came from a staunch Muslim background,  yet I tried to secure school admissions for a fatherless girl without success, even with my  resort to bribery, just because we are Hausas we were denied  the chance.

When Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was governor of Kano, he sponsored only children of the fulani from Kano,  other states of the north and fulani of other African countries, with scholarship abroad for choice professional trainings,  and abandoned those children of the hausas. 

Today these home and abroad favoured fulani children are the ones in government employments and choice positions in Nigeria. If these discriminations are religious why are the non fulani muslims the victims? Similarly,  Sule Lamido in his 8 years tenure as governor, settled some  fulani from no where on people’s land  farms and arranged special training for them.

Today they occupy various government employments in  both civil and armed forces,  and in choice positions. These are for your information Babachir! All those in Hausa states: sokoto, kebbi, Zamfara, Kaduna etc; before one Hausa man gets a thing, a thousand fulanis must have gotten it.

A Hausa Muslim amounts to a  nobody,  no matter the height of his achievements in the Islamic or Qur’anic education and competence. Other non fulani tribes of people are much well off than the hausas, atleast they can Express themselves and have been doing so freely.

They  ask questions and demand answers, unlike the hausas who were too timid to talk, until recently that a few of us became brave enough and started talking. No thanks to Buhari whose emergence as President exposed who the fulanis really are and their evil intentions as  expressed in the mindless genocidal killing of the Hausa people.

Unfortunately and much to our chagrin the hausas and fulanis are grouped together as one united people;  just as Babachir Lawal expressed in his interview. We are Hausas and there was never a tribe known to us, as Hausa-Fulani that existed. Lawal Babachir this is for your enlightenment and corrections! Don’t you ever mention that phrase Hausa-Fulani, it doesn’t exist and it never existed. We are Hausa, Hausa are homely, accommodating and peace loving, unlike the fulani.

We are owners of the land. It is therefore the height  of character assassination to refer to us as one with the fulani.  Please be informed and warned, never to repeat this mistake of misinformation that you carried. You may seek further knowledge of us from people like governor Samuel Orthom,  Gen. TY Danjuma, who have at various  times demonstrated clear knowledge of the identity of the fulani.

All Nigerians were at a time neither Christians nor Muslims. Both religions met us practicing our various African beliefs. We have been brothers and sisters joined by the same land before the arrival of fulani in Hausa land,  where they met us as Muslims and non Muslims living in love peace and harmony.

The fulani manipulated Islamic religion,   dominated us and caused division amongst us, thereby separating us from our true and natural brothers and sisters  with whom we are Indigenous authochthonous people.

Hausas were muslims for centuries well before the fulani embraced Islam. All through before the arrival of the fulanis the hausas have been at peace with their neighbors. The fulanis were the root of the divisions and hatred amongst  us that followed afterwards, for which we are deeply regretful and sorry. The hausas regardless of religion have no problems with other Nigerians,  for they are our real brothers.

Its high time we close ranks and embrace ourselves in one accord and confront the present challenges  and politics. The fulani is our common problem we must unite to confront. They created the muslim divisions as Shiite, Izala, Tijhaniya and Qadriyya.

 That we accommodated the fulani in the first place, only for them to cause so much calamities to Nigerians,  it’s our fault for which we are ready to apologize to all Nigerians. Governor Ganduje has denied indigeneship rights to Hausa Christians in Kano state.

There, mere bearing non fulani or Christian names is enough disqualifying criteria against you. Example: My Hausa name is Alumbe and for that I am considered an infidel, just because there is no Arab or Fulani name attached to it.

Their religion is more in the belief in their progenitor Uthman Danfodio than the faith in Islam. The greatest mistake of Peter Obi is in the choice of his VP from the Fulani Stock. He should  be rest assured that he has lost the entire voting block of the Hausas on this account.

As the consequence of his choice of the  Fulani Man as his VP. I am urging all native Indigenous people of the north, they  must unite to a common political front,  if we are to free ourselves from this  bondage of the fulani domination.

These are people who are all out to take over Nigeria or destroy it. We were brainwashed and  deceived into going all the hugs to vote Buhari against other Nigerians: we were told were our enemies, despite the well demonstrated kindness of President Goodluck Jonathans government to us .

Only for us to be thrown into unimaginable calamities, that  we have been witnessing today. Today, over 2.5 million hausas have been killed by the fulani and their villages rendered desolate, yet they are all muslims. They horde Hausa girls into mosques and rape  them indiscriminately. They set vehicles carrying 42 hausas ablaze and burnt them alive.

They dismembered limbs of kids in Benue.  This is common knowledge today. Their calls for one Nigeria is mere pretense because they are infact more interested in dividing Nigeria more than any secessionist group that ever existed in Nigeria or that can be imagined.

 Peter Obi goofed by picking fulani as running mate otherwise his victory would have been sure  going by the large population of the hausas in Nigeria that would ordinarily have voted him but for the fulani as his running mate. 

I can authoritatively tell you that Peter Obi have lost it  just for this single mistake. Whoever loves Peter Obi should send him this audio  message.

Peter Obi is not loved by Christians alone but Hausa Christians and Muslims alike. Our biggest problem with him is his choice  of the running mate . You were deceived into believing that in the north there is no victory without the fulani. 

Be rest assured that he will therefore not win this election. If we fail to route out the hold of fulani in government we the native Indigenous people of Nigeria are doomed.

 The fulani desperately want to establish a nation state for Uthman Danfodio. This is the basis of the Banditry, Insurgency and Insecurity they are sponsoring across Nigeria.  Be informed that the hausas are now United as a single voting block, regardless of any form of cleavages, to deliver their victory over the  fulani. I hereby enjoin all Nigerians to join us in this struggle.

The fulani have deceived us for long into taking sides with them and fighting their battles with our lives, we are now wiser and determined never to be so deceived and used. We shall never be used to fight our fellow native citizens.

 No more! Just like the great empires of old that CRUMBLED so shall the fulani dynasty in Nigeria be CRUMBLED.

Babachir I congratulate you for not pitching your tents with Atiku or Kwankwaso who are both fulani, since you ditched Tinubu. 

You thought well. Were it not for Tinubu we would rather vote Peter Obi than either of Atiku or kwankwaso. I am kaltum Alumbe Jitami in the struggle for; enlightenment, sensitization and mobilization of Nigerians against the antics and evil intentions of the fulani against Nigerians.

Thank you for listening.

NB: Interpreted by Comrade Tabara SK.

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