Obasanjo backs Ortom’s Ranching, Gov. Masari; kidnappers & killers are Fulani & Muslims.

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The Benue state Governor Dr.Samuel Ortom, battle against open grazing has received super sonic backing from former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,who also said that open grazing or cattle colony is no longer feasible in Nigeria again.

Obasanjo who toyed behind Ortom’s agitation for anti-open grazing, said that the open grazing was not problematic in the ancient days because of the low population of the country,but pointed out that with explosion of the population of Nigeria which is close to 200 million people ,open grazing have to go for peace and harmony.

The former president expressed concerned on why president Muhammadu Buhari, will released over N6 billion to his home state Katsina for ranching and turned around and begun to reactivate grazing rouetes that died long ago with growing population of the country.

Also confirming Governor Ortom’s multiple allegations of Fulani men been behind the killings in meddlebelt, Katsina state Governor Bello Masari,on Monday back the Benue state governor,saying bandits terrorizing Nigerians are fulanis.

Masari’s confession has exornerated Ortom from presidential hired dogs who were calling the Benue state governor unprintable names for exposing the jihadists agenda to Conquer middlebelt.

Ortom who recently become the bride been toasted by Nigerian governors for his forsight to kick start the war against open grazing, fought president Muhammadu Buhari’s unproductive administration over the massacre going on in the Meddlebelt, systematically organized and executed by fulani herders and bandits.

The Benue state governor recently on a national television told Nigerians that Buhari is no longer the president of Nigeria,but the president of Fulani republic.

Ortom who received commendations within and outside the country for his bold steps to defend the people of meddlebelt when some sons of the Meddlebelt region are busy betraying the people of the region to protect their political appointments, vowed to stand on part of truth.

Ortom has consistently and vehemently rejected any attempt by the Buhari’s government to execute his ethnocracy policies of handing over other ethnic groups to his fulani jihadists.

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