[MUST READ]Honest Response to former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell and Mr Robert Rotberg by Engr. Daniel Kadzai, Leader of Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians


The teaming Nigerian youth reject the statement issued by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Harvard Kennedy School in the United States, which said: “that Nigeria as a nation, is at a point of no return having showed all the signs of a failed nation.”

The organization which made the disclosure in a research finding it released through its senior fellow and former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell and Mr Robert Rotberg, who is the founding director, Harvard Kennedy School’s Programme on Intrastate Conflict and president emeritus, World Peace Foundation, said Nigeria is currently in its final phase, from which it would eventually collapse.

John Campbell and Mr Robert Rotberg failed to understand how Nigeria overcame all the past challenges facing her as nation. As much as Nigeria is given a bad name, we have very honest and patriotic stakeholders both sacred and secular working round the clock to address our challenges.

In Nigeria, we serve a living God who never sleeps nor slumber despite our diversity in religion.

Looking at the looming challenges, one may conclude that yhere is no hope but we are convinced that God is raising leaders that will turn the trend of events.

Looking back at how far Nigeria has come, there is hope that things will change and we can safely say that Nigeria is at the point of GLORIOUS RETURN in

Jesus name.

To all the people troubling the nation, can you not see good vision for Nigeria?

We are optimistic; Nigeria will be restored beyond our DREAMS and past GLORY!

Nigeria will be celebrated.

~  I’m Daniel Kadzai,

CNNC, National Youth Leader