QUIT NOTICE: Shetima must be drunk, he isn’t the landlord to issue quit notice.

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Following a 72-hour ultimatum issued by the Arewa Youth Assembly (AYA) for people of Yoruba ethnic group to leave the 19 northern States and the FCT, the National Youth Leader, Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians (CNNC), on Monday cautioned the Arewa Youth President, Yerima Shetima, alleging possible drug addiction.

The CNNC National Youth Leader, Engr Daniel Kadzai, also called on the northern leaders to caution their youths, warning them of the grave consequences of such ultimatum.

“I am saddened reading stuffs from Yerima Shetima, the self acclaimed Arewa Youths President”, Kadzai roared

Meanwhile, the ultimatum by the AYA was in response to a declaration last Wednesday by Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho, who advised Yoruba indigenes that were residing in the northern part of the country to return home.

However, Igboho, during his declaration didn’t ask the northerners living in the South-West to leave the region but merely stated that the Yoruba no longer wished to be part of Nigeria given grave injustice done to the region by the Nigerian government.

Responding, Kadzai said it is unfortunate that innocent citizens take Shetima’s empty threats serious hence settling the already tensed and fragile country into unnecessary confusion.

“What’s wrong with our southern brothers and sisters from both faith?

“Everytime Arewa Youths: Shettima Yerima is lone ranger intimidating his victims for reason best known to him and his cohorts.

“Who is Shetima representing, he thinks Arewa is for the Fulani & Hausa alone? We have over two hundred and fifty (250) Ethnic groups in Northern Nigeria. We have plenty of Fulani/Hausa Christians in the north too. Shetima isn’t speaking for us.

“Who voted him into that position in the first place? Who are his executive committee members? When was the last time Arewa Youths held a Congress and where?” he queried.

Kadzai said he is just quiet not for lack of capacity or capability, but that he is only waiting for a due season! However, I’m disappointed because a young people especially from fragile and volatile region like the north MUST sue for unity and peaceful coexistence.

“I’m an authentic Northerner ‘Arewa’ than Shetima. I am from the core north ‘Arewa’ born and brough up among the Hausas, Fulanis and dozens of other ethnic group. I understand Hausa, Fulfulde and other languages.

“We have the Northen Arewa Christians and Muslims. Who gave Shetima the right to open his mouth to threaten other citizens of Nigeria amidst the worsening insecurity in the country.

“for record purpose, I’m the immediate past National President of the Youth Wing of the Christians Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) I Presided over 80 million Christian Youth in Nigeria. I was duly elected, certified and commissioned to speak and represent (YOWICAN).

“Shetima has never called a meeting of the Arewa Youths because I am very much in touch with other Ethnic Youth Leaders from the north”.

The CNNC Youth leader said his current position captures the 19 northern States and Abuja with over 50 million Christian Youths from different ethnic groups.

“So who is Shetima, where is his official address as Arewa Youth President?

“Please Nigerians especially southerners shouldn’t panic over statements from Shetima who’s likely acting under influence.

“It is time we unite as one people, one nation; let ignore agents of division, nobody is superior; north or south”, Kadzai said.

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