BREAKING NEWS: Lil Wayne Pays Off $14 Million Tax Bill

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Could you imagine having to spend over a million dollars at once? Well according to @blast that’s what happened to the 36-year-old Nola rapper #LilWayne, he recently spent $14 million to settle his tax debt, yes $14 million.

There were documents obtained by The Blast explaining why he owed the $14 million, and it was because the “IRS filed releases of two separate federal tax linens against Wayne.” In 2017, Lil Wayne was accused by the liens that he failed to pay $7,341,399.07 in 2011 and in 2012 he failed to pay $6,853,545.77. The grand total was $14,194,944.84. Now a lot of people may question how is this even possible for someone that is a millionaire, well Wayne was able to back up that question. He claims it’s because he did not receive his money from Cash Money Records that they owed him, while he was under the label.

According to @blast Lil Wayne may have gotten lucky with this one because he may have used the money he received from #Birdman in 2018, when the two settled their long legal battle over Wayne’s record deal.

Wayne claimed Cash Money Records owed him tens of millions of dollars, this included an $8 million advance for “The Carter V” album. In order to have his record  deal voided, he sued the record label. As a result, The Blast, reported that Wayne received an eight-figure payout from the Universal Music Group. He then cut ties with Birdman’s  Cash Money Records.

As a result, Wayne had permission to release his album through Universal.

Source: The Blast

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