Exit of an Icon Chief Prince Lavender Longjohn JP by Mr Mpakaboari Longjohn (MLJ)

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It is with deep shock and utter disbelief that I officially announce the exit of a magnificent soul, a paragon of excellence, my father, friend and confidant Chief Prince Lavender Longjohn JP.

I lack the right words to eulogise a Man who encouraged me and loved me in all ramifications.

Despite the harsh vicissitudes of life, you never let me think twice of your love, care, affection and support

I make bold to say that this is one loss too many and so many thoughts have been raging through my mind; Is this real? Is my own Pa Lavenda gone? Is life really fair?

Sir, the sacrifices you made for me shall never be forgotten, you are the best, the Longjohn family will surely miss you.

Growing up was easier because of you.  Your service to humanity was second to none. The Kalabari kingdom has lost a rare gem in you.

My strength for once is failing me. I lack words to exhaustively express how i feel. Our meeting and fruitful discussions two days ago was still on mind, never knew it would be the last. We had fruitful discussions and you contributed immensely to the planning of my NEW HOUSE OPENING which has been slated to be on the 27th October 2018. Death is a necessary end but this particular isn’t necessary yet.

You are a born winner, fear is never a barrier for you, you are a great builder of minds, thousands benefited and taped from your wealth of wisdom and experience. You are never found wanting when your needed. Your my role model.

My father, you moved not just with the trend but determined it. I feel pained, will I ever mourn you enough? Journalist extra-ordinaire, the founder of The Wind Newspaper Port Harcourt, a grass root mobilizer, and the senibo of our time. One whose word was his bond. A bridge builder, a peace maker and a calm and charismatic personality.

I salute you sir, you lived a good life, but I wished and desired that you stayed much longer with us.

The best writer, columnist and publisher I have encountered till date. I love you sir, I truly love you.

I find it difficult to say good bye, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s painful, sad, a huge loss and one I can never forget in a hurry. Not even in a lifetime.

I am proud of you sir Lavenda even in death, you are the best sir. Rest in the blossom of the Almighty God. Adieu Pa Lavenda, till we meet to part more.



Mpakaboari Longjohn

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