Chief Emmanuel Chinedum Ndubuisi (Ijiriji Bende) declare for Bende South state constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly come 2019.

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Chief Emmanuel Chinedum Ndubuisi (Ijiriji Bende) is an exceptional man of integrity and a visionary leader; He has a heart of Gold, I have known him for 15 years now, he is a result oriented leader, I strongly believe he remains the best choice for Bende south state constituency.

He is a renowned philanthropist, and has impacted his community positively. He is the Mentor for the Youths, fondly called IJIRIJI, the name has become a household name, synonymous to development and empowerment.  He has brought development to his community,the founder of IJIRIJI FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT:

Visit the organisation website and find things out. HE IS THE MAN.

Now he is ready to pilot the affairs of Bende south state constituency to make it great.

He is the man of the moment.

Ndi Uzuakoli ward the choice is Yours Now! Your mandate!

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