Netflix shows off it’s new redesigned TV app

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In a blog post published, Netflix states:

The new TV interface was designed to make the Netflix experience simpler and more intuitive in a few different ways. First, it is now easier to search and view new content added to the service.

It is also far simpler to start browsing with either a series or movie; our research has shown us that while a member generally isn’t sure what exact title they want to watch, they have a pretty good sense of whether they are in the mood for a quick series episode or a longer movie experience.

Netflix has also said that the new design will make it easier for users to find new content and to navigate their personal list of saved content. The company also states that the testing of the new interface “helped members find something great to watch.”

Other than the side navigation bar the TV app remains largely unchanged. It’s still tile-based with autoplaying trailers and a vertical scrolling design.

However (and it’s a big however), Netflix have not stated which platforms the new interface will be coming to. The company tends to keep the interface of its TV applications the same across platforms, but it didn’t specifically mention Apple TV or any other platform in the latest blog post.

Instead, it has been stated that the update will start rolling out to “members all over the world”.


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