Press Release: SCAM ALERT: Co-Operative Scheme’ Scam Business Alert [ WORLD BANK GRANT] by #Team247ng

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I was approached by five friends differently in less than 3 days asking me for a sum of N2500.00, I was like what, on a second thought, I decided to ask questions and probe what 5 different persons are asking for same amount. I was told that the money is for a purposed Application Form for a GRANT from World Bank, which includes training, identification Card, certificate empowerment and the grants request as promised by a certain “multi-purpose” cooperative society.

It sounded good to me, on face value you will think, maybe that it’s one of the ways one can benefit from World Bank’s assistance. IT’S A SCAM

Don’t be deceived Nigerians with fake GRANTS from World Bank pioneered under the platform of Multipurpose Corporative society. Some of the cooperative societies charges N1000 to N5000 for their seminar to prepare you for the N10,000,000 grants from world bank.

Hey! You will use N2500 to get N10,000,000 shebi,  Why would people be so pitiless and wicked. According to sources hundreds of people are left hopeless today expecting the soon coming grant and doing nothing with their lives. WHAT A SCAM! A WAKE UP CALL TO ALL NIGERIANS


We have to understand that present economic state of the country is the reason behind the continuous breeding of scammers aka 419ers. 

They are devising new strategies, new foothold everyday to steal money from innocent Nigerians, so if you don’t want to be played, you’ve got to be smarter than they are. There is only one thing that can make you outsmart them – information. That is why at #Team247ng we are dedicated with our drive to inform, educate and entertain the masses. 

Please don’t be deceived, learn to do something meaningful with your life. Start from where you are, with what you have and watch it grow in your hands. GREED is a Killer. Greed lures you into the hands of this scammers.

I wish you all the best, don’t play into the hands of scammers.


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