Oprah Sued By Woman Who Claims She Stole Her Idea For ‘Greenleaf’

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A screenwriter named Shannan Lynette Wynn is suing our auntie #Oprah for allegedly stealing the idea for her show #Greenleaf! She claims that she and a pastor collaborated on a drama called “Justice & Glory” and pitched the idea to OWN back in 2014 where they received positive feedback.

Wynn alleges that OWN used her and her partner to produce more versions of their pitch along with more ideas for years. All of a sudden “Greenleaf” premieres on OWN and the show included identical storylines and characters as their pitch did!

Now, here’s where this story gets really good! Wynn and her partner had pitched his same show to ABC, but the network declined. They are convinced that ABC was incahoots with OWN to acquire the show.

Wynn and her pastor partner are asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages! Do you guys think they deserve it?


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