High Data Burn Rate from the Network Companies, [ MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, GLO] Nigerian Communications Commission [NCC] take Note.

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Chie! Which Way Nigeria!!!, Development and Civilization are farooooooooo, Truth.

The only thing that hooks us up to the world is Expensive Now. DATA IS LIFE.

Digital invasion has reshaped every sector, our lifestyles and approach. How can we cope with high data burn rate?

I don’t know what is happening. I don’t know why I should be spending over 25k every month on data, I don’t watch videos. My little research!

What is Data Burn rate? It just means the rate at which the internet provider removes your megabyte as you browse. This is not ideal because data is supposed to be consumes as YOU browse the web at a fixed rate, but that’s not so.

Discovered that all the networks have increased burn rate of their data compare what it use to be before. 1.5GB doesn’t even last for 1day again as of 30days peg on it by network providers.

I started noticing this stuff mid last year, I thought the issue is from me, I started asking questions and discovered virtually, everyone around me is experiencing same thing.

I just laughed because I knew immediately that something is fundamentally wrong, you just discovered you now spend more on data, without the idea of high burn rate issue.

Now, do you notice the burn rate of android plan? Imagine you subscribed for 1500mb of data, that means it’s 1mb for 1 naira even higher with some networks. Hidden charges you can’t explain, now this is not something you can know just like that.

Just discovered that the network companies have increased their data burn rate without notification. So now you see why it is used up so quickly that you start to wonder what happened.

Are you experiencing same thing? The Network companies are sucking our blood with this present turmoil in our economy, something must be done urgently

We have to get across to the relevant bodies, NCC must hear this!!!


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Chinedu Obiano

Founder: 247ng.com

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