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If only I knew what I know today. eeh….  This is not a statement of regret but that of exclamation, of discovery.

It is an indisputable facts, Applied Knowledge is Power. The digital revolution is driving every sector of the economy, now the big question is how do I profit from it? How do I take advantage of the digital revolution to step up my ROI, Return on Investment?  My dear! I have the answers with me.

LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE: send Name, Phone No to 08037444706 to Reserve a space

Having a side hustle—a stream of income that you create independent of your primary occupation—grants you a measure of financial freedom against global economic uncertainty while increasing your disposable income and net worth.

Join me on Digital Business Hangout on Sat. 26th August 2017, from 9:00am @ CHOOSEN FAST FOOD, Plot 100 East-West Road, Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt.

If you are interested, send your name and Phone No  to 08037444706, we have limited space. Have space for just 50 persons.

The cost of this training is N25,000, that is what I will charge normally on a business ground, but I decided to slash it to N2500 [ TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA ONLY]  just to proof a point, it’s not about the cost, it about the quality of the information that will be at your disposal. Brace up! Take advantage of this opportunity, your finances will never remain the same Lol. If you believe it, Shout Amen!

Registration + Training + Light Refreshment  is Just N2500

Do you know that over time, your side hustle can grow into its own small empire that grants you the freedom to live life on your own terms with your own schedule. With the evolution of the internet where you access so many free resources, there is no excuse not to start building your empire immediately.

Focus on:

Become a certified Digital Business Strategist.

5 Brand Visibility Strategy to grow your brand and make more money.

10 Online certified businesses you can start with less than N50k and make over N100K monthly.

Get a free copy of my E-Book: 101 Surefire for Digital Business Success.

Finally how to develop multiply streams of income.

Its digital business hangout because we will discuss cutting edge digital opportunities, we will network, interact, dine and socialize.

LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE: send Name, Phone No to 08037444706 to Reserve a space

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