TRUE CONFESSION: I Slept With A Movie Director Before Getting Roles But….-Actress Tracy Boakye

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The thorny issue of movie actresses sleeping with their male counterparts in the movie making industry before getting roles to play in movies keeps cropping up every now and then but with the entire industry players almost always denying such claims.

Hardly would any popular actress own up and concede that she once slept with a movie director, an executive producer, or a director of photography before she was given a role to play in one or two movies to become the famous personality we all enjoy to see on our screens.

But one such bold Ghanaian actress-cum-movie producer, Tracy Boakye, who now has so many “haters” to deal with after publicly declaring her unflinching support for former president John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the 2016 general elections, has opened up to share her experience with the rest of the world. In an exclusive video interview with Dave Hammer on his youtube channel, Dave Hammer TV, the C.E.O of Shakira Movie Productions and ex-girlfriend of gospel musician Ernest Opoku has admitted that she once had that experience but hers was a little bit different from the others.

“Well, I won’t lie about having dated a movie director before. As for me, I always say the truth and not lie. “I have dated a movie director before. And I’ll always admit that having dated one ‘benefited’ me a lot. “However, mine wasn’t like the usual “let-me-bonk-you-before-I-give-you-a-role-to-play” kind of thing. “It was dating just like the usual boy-girlfriend relationship. “It was a mutual understanding between the two of us.

We both loved each other, and the two of us ‘benefited’ from the affair. “There were even times that he never cast me in movies he produced himself which I agreed to because I couldn’t fit in. He was only being professional, and that is how I also am. “So as for me, the issue about “let-me-bonk-you-before-I-give-you-a-role-to-play’”sort of thing has never happened to me. “But truth is, I have dated a movie director before,” said Tracy Boakye.

The mother of one who claims she doesn’t fancy marriage like the others do also added that she doesn’t depend on men to survive at all.

“The man I am currently dating — who’s not the father of my child — has no right to tell me to stop acting.

“I don’t depend on men. No! I have never depended on men ever since I started dating as a teenager.” Some of the movies Tracey Boakye has starred in include: ‘Selina’; ‘Odo’; ‘Ntafuo Wuo’; ‘Oh Vera’; ‘Ama Saman’, amongst others.

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