CALL TO ACTION CAMPAIGN: To all Nigeria Youth, regardless of Recession, we can still find opportunities in the midst of recession. #WhatEverYouFindToDoJustdoit, #JustDoIt by Chinedu Obiano CEO

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We have to rise above recession through sensitization and a paradigm shift to start thinking out of the box. What is recession? A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.

The recent recession been experienced in Nigeria has left thousands jobless and more thousands with pay-cuts. Businesses are losing millions of naira in revenue, and the ripple effect of this negative trend is carried on to the workforce.

I agree that it’s tough and rough, but opportunities for building wealth still abound. The solution: Whatever You Find To Do, Just Do It. Never fold your hands, stop complaining about the government, start taking action, result oriented steps towards discovery wealth.

Since multitudes are affected by each industry’s ongoing downsize and bankruptcy calls, the next reasonable call of action would be to find suitable alternatives that are inflation proof. These would help businesses and would-be entrepreneurs start ventures that are both lucrative and resistant to recession vices. THINK OUT OF THE BOX NOW

This is a CALL TO ACTION CAMPAIGN: #WhatEverYouFindToDoJustdoit, #JustDoIt,   that will run from 11th -31st March 2017, Keep On!

100 Inspiring Pictures, 50 Business Motivational Quotes, 25 Writes Up, 10 Interviews.

Whatever you find to do, JUST DO IT!

Let’s brace up and think out of the box.


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