My Top 7 Exceptional Lessons Learned from 2016 by Chinedu Obiano, Founder

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I guess this note is coming late, wow it’s been a busy year for us, just discovered that 10% of 2017 is already gone. I have to drop this note so that other things can follow up. We are packaging unique contents strictly for you. Huh! Without missing words 2016 was a challenging and inspiring year both for me personally and for my business.

Every year, I look back at all my private notes and create a summary of my Top 10 Lessons Learned from the past year, I feel like 2016 has been about realizing how much I don’t know and I need to know. My blog was hacked, lost precious contents, was harassed on phones severally from unknown personalities because of sensitive post on my blog and that notwithstanding, I and my team are still standing.


Here we go, stay calm and cool as I take you on a ride.

  1. I learned how to take sole responsibility, responsibility is the capital price for greatness, I have exceptional team, but I don’t depend on the team to drive my blog traffic to the next level. I called myself a one man squad. I have learned to take the responsibility to train my team and get the best out of them.


  1. I learned to say ‘NO’, it’s actually required to grow. To be very frank, it is not an easy step, because you just discovered you are just living your life for others without doing anything meaningful with your precious time. I’ve been working on being more focused and saying no when I need to. Remember, i don’t have to please everyone.


  1. I learned how to express yourself and market myself. Expressing myself and honoring myself as an ever-evolving human, helps me distinguish my calling from my ego. This generates intense creativity, radical change, higher knowing. Last year my blog surpassed 100,000 pageviews. I’m simply sharing this because I need to get graciously honest with myself and my team.


  1. Taking risks and trying new things is good, hmmmmm, I enjoy diving headfirst into the unknown – and embracing vulnerability – because it’s the only true way to live. one of the things I told myself 2017 is to brace up for figures, embarking on over a million naira online business, and breaking remarkable new grounds, because it’s so easy to keep doing the same things over and over, but it doesn’t make you grow.


  1. I don’t need to please everyone. Lol naturally, I am a peoples person with extraordinary qualities, this took me 10 years to realize this simple truth; it is ok not to get 100% of the votes and feel the love from everyone. You are not designed for everyone to like you. What’s important is feeling the love from people who really matter to you. Period!
  1. I learned how to let go with more grace — when I get hurt, stabbed at the heart, lied against, I learned how to let go with more grace and to totally stop thinking that I have to have it all figured out in order to take the step right in front of me. When I get.

7.      No matter what, laugh. Every day, even when your world is flying apart and you have zero patience and you ache.  Laugh anyway. One of my greatest challenges last year was a hack on my blog and I lost valuable contents, it wasn’t easy to face, it took me 2weeks to get the blog back, lost money. I was so tensed and frowned all day long. I have to let go, No matter what, I started laughing all thru.

by Chinedu Obiano, Founder



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