Press Release [MUST READ]: Threat to the Existence of Southern Kaduna People: The Way Forward by Samuel Tabara Kato

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Education bestows knowledge and knowledge is power, be it political or economic power.

He that holds political power, controls the economy and to a large extent determines people who survive and make progress, and those who retrogress into penury, lack under-development and extinction. Overtime, the southern Kaduna people have remained peripheral-players in both political and economic spheres of the country, at both national and state levels. Even at the local government levels, there is no cheering news for the Southern Kaduna people: no thanks to the present and successive governors of the state, for incapacitating the local governments. The absence of unity amongst us made matters worse! At present, the Southern-Kaduna people are systematically driven to extinction, by un-abating systematic ethno-religious attacks. Unless the trend is checked, the Southern Kaduna people risk the loss of their land and ultimate annihilation.

History of the prominence and dominance of Nigeria Leadership and Economy enjoyed by the Hausa-Fulani ethnic group cannot start, and will be infact devoid of foundations, without the mention of Othman Dan-Fodio, the great Ethnic-Islamic Jihadist.

He spread Islam through preaching and religious war conquests by Jihad.

Upon conquering every human settlement, he installed his children as Emirs over the groups of the conquered people: the Emir becomes the religious and traditional leader of the people. The people pay tax to the Emir and remain his subjects for life. Only children of the Emir (descendants of Othman Dan-Fodio) are entitled to inherit the throne. Others remain mere subjects or slaves of the Emirate.

Othman Dan-fodio’s quest for Islamization, war (Jihad) and territorial expansion did not go with morality but more of ethnic politics. This is so because, he attacked Kanem Borno Empire even though the people were Muslims before he started his Jihad war of conquests.

Victory of the Fulani Jihad over the Hausas led to inter marriages amongst them which blended the two Races together, thereby forming a homogenous Race known as Hausa- Fulani Ethnic group.

On another occasion, Othman Dan-Fodio had agreement to help one of the contestants in a war of rivalry between two sons of the demised Oba of Ilorin, over heirship to the vacant throne. He helped one of the rival sons (Afonja) to kill the other contesting brother so that Afonja can succeed their father’s throne. Othman Dan-Fodio afterwards killed Afonja, whom he helped, and installed his own son as the Emir of Ilorin instead of the late Oba’s son. This is why the Hausa-Fulanis (aka the Gambaris) are ruling Ilorin till today.

These incidences at Kanem Borno Empire and Ilorin sufficiently proved that Othman Dan-Fodio was not only out to propagate the Islamic Faith, but was equally on political expansionism with economic interests using the Islamic Jihad. The Jihad is one of the five pillars of Islamic Faith.

Islamic religion did not encourage Northern Muslims to embrace western education (according to them it is a HARAM). While I was growing up as a kid at Tudun Wada Kaduna , in the 60s the popular phrase used to be “ ‘Yan Boko Wuta!” That is, “those with western education are destined to hell fire!”. Then it was common hearing Hausa-Fulani children singing: “ ‘Yan makarantan Boko-ko, Sai Karatu ba sallah, Sai yawan zagin mallan”. It means, those learning western education only spend time reading without observing Islamic prayers but spend time insulting mallans (Islamic teachers). This song is usually sang each time other children were seen going to/returning from western schools. By the year 1987, some of these children were in their late twenties and early thirties. Consequently, the first ethno-religious riot broke out in Kafanchan (Southern Kaduna) in the year 1987. These group of people are today amongst policy makers/executors in Nigeria. It bows to reason therefore, that, Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen militia were not formed by ACCIDENT. As Muslims, the Hausa-Fulanis have obligation to execute both peaceful and violent Jihad, in complement to each other. Hence, the Hausa-Fulanis became the last ethnic group in Nigeria to embrace western education (partially though). Nomadic Fulanis were introduced to western education in the nineties. Until the year 2014, the Hausa-Fulani Almajiris were limited to koranic studies and indoctrination in the philosophy of Jihad and Arabic culture/tradition. They were made to believe that there is bountiful reward for them in heaven, if they kill or get killed in fighting for Allah. Consequently, they became ready-made ‘Foot-Soldiers’ and Suicide Bombers for use in Hausa-Fulani territorial expansion Troubles and Terrorism, which is the trade-mark of the Hausa-Fulanis that manifests as Boko Haram and Herdsmen Militia of today.

But on the other hand, the ethnic minority groups of Nigeria, who were not conquered by the Danfodio Jihad, embraced Christianity and western civilization/education. But the colonial masters forced these Western Educated Groups to go under the Hausa-Fulani leadership. For example, an Emir was imposed on the people of Kafanchan in Kaduna State, who had nothing to do with Islam or Hausa-Fulanis, by culture or tradition, except Trade and Commerce.

The British colonial masters delayed granting independence to Nigeria because the Hausa-Fulani’s bulk of the North were backward, compared to the southern parts of the country, in terms of western education and civilization.

Upon granting independence to Nigeria, the Hausa-Fulanis were pampered with political leadership of government of Nigeria. Quota system was adopted as national policy in governance to help bridge the gap mainly in their favour. These two developments gave the Hausa-Fulanis an unparalleled advantage over and above every other ethnic group in Nigeria. From the advantages of these two developments, they dominated and amassed for themselves awesome political and economic power, which they relentlessly schemed to expand, control and sustain eternally through the use of Islamic Religion (sharia).

The Sultan of Sokoto is the descendant of Othman Dan-Fodio and he holds the highest Islamic office and authority in Nigeria. Only the descendants of Othman Dan-Fodio qualify to hold that office.

They continued to execute their programmers of territorial expansion, consolidation and dominance of political power and economy which manifest as follows:

  • Arabic writings on Nigeria currency notes.
  • Masterminded killing of General Ironsi and the pogrom against Igbos in the North in 1966 without justification.
  • Cancelling of Nigeria’s hosting of Miss World Beauty contest, by rioting to prove their dominance.
  • Seizure of missionary schools and giving them Hausa-Fulani Muslim identities.
  • Foisting the Civil Sharia on 1978 constitution.
  • Imposition of Criminal Sharia in addition to the civil sharia on 1999 constitution.
  • Registration of Nigeria as member country of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).
  • Membership of Islamic countries military coalition on “Terrorism”
  • Establishment of All Progressives Congress Party (APC)
  • Imposition of full-sharia laws in Northern States of Nigeria.
  • Establishment of Islamic Bank in Nigeria: Profit Sharing on executed loans replaces interest-free loans. If the aim is to access interest-free loans the aim is defeated. They alone know why they needed the Bank.
  • Use of Almajiris to commit arson and murder on Churches, Christians and sometimes other non-Hausa Muslims.
  • Establishment of militant Islamic group called Boko Haram.
  • Cancellation of open ballot system of election, which defy manipulation and rigging of elections.
  • Lopsidedness in favor of Hausa-Fulanis, in creation of wards and polling units in Northern Nigeria
  • Construction of the National Assembly Complex like a National Mosque, to portray Nigeria as a purely Muslim country.
  • Refusal to allow erection of Aso Rock villa Christian Chapel until former President Obassanjo changed the status-quo.
  • Cancellation of June 12, 1993 elections and the 2 party system that defied ethnic and religious biases.
  • The use of “Born to Rule” as state’s slogan by Sokoto state at certain time.
  • Those known to have openly opposed the Sardauna philosophy, fell as casualties of the Hausa-Fulani dominant power of the military era. They amongst others include:
  • Colonel Yahana Madaki, for expressing support for the ideology behind Major Nzeogwu’s coup and his removal of a corrupt Emir from office.
  • Colonel Dangiwa Umar (one of the very few fair minded Hausa-Fulani elite), for showing support for the outcome of June 12, 1993 election in favour of MKO Abiola.
  • Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe, for expressing disapproval over the surreptitious manner Nigeria was registered as member of OIC.

People’s land space endowment provides the necessary infrastructural supports needed to develop people’s livelihood.

The Southern Kaduna people are forcefully losing their parcels of land and livelihood by every passing day, due to incessant attacks by invaders in the guise of herdsmen (who are generally known to be of Hausa – Fulani ethnic origin). The threat of outright annihilation of the people is palpably imminent.

Without the land, the Southern Kaduna people will disappear into extinction.



  1. Who are the forces behind these land grabbers and why are they forcefully taking over our lands by every means possible?
  2. Where are the Federal and State Governments, where is justice, equity, fairness, freedom for all citizens, as enshrined in the 1999 constitution?
  3. When shall we experience the joy of the tenets of our National Anthem and Pledge, which we recite every day?
  4. When will our constitution be applied in protection of rights of the minority?
  5. Does the 1999 constitution truly represent the democratic wish and aspiration of all Nigerians?
  6. Has operation of the 1999 constitution guaranteed the unity of the country, and has it been operated in accordance with the tenets of justice, equity, fair play and security to all?

According to Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, a Catholic Priest per excellence, in his paper titled: Nigeria, “Flying Without a Black Box” i.e., in his reference to the preparation that led to the present day Nigerian democracy. He said: “we set out on a road with no clear maps, with a controversial constitution given to a motley crowd of greedy businessmen and political contractors and a coterie of individuals who had honed their skills in manipulating the levers of powers and could survive either under the military or civilian administration. To this extent, what we had was a transition from the military but not necessarily a transition to democracy.

Fundamentally, the aim of a constitution is to serve as a vehicle for transferring allegiance of a country’s citizens from their primordial interests (ethnic, communal, religious, regional, etc.) to the higher interests of the state. Off quote. Ironically, Sharia laws are negation of constitutional ideals, no matter their loftiness. By the inclusion of Sharia in the 1999 Constitution, the Hausa-Fulanis were subtly granted the right to secede and execute territorial expansion, by applying any means including Jihad and/or terrorism. This was imposed on all other Nigerians by military regime of General Abdulsalam Abubakar. This is evil, detestable, resentful, unacceptable and challengeable. Our locus standi is derivable from, the countless number of lives and properties suffered loss by our people (other Nigerians inclusive), the rights to life and the rights to live in a country guided by a truly democratic constitution.

It is mere pretention therefore, by the Hausa Fulani Elites, declaring Boko Haram as terrorist, and Shiite Muslims/Fulani herdsmen as criminals, and other Islamic militants as lawless extremists, or non Muslims. From the Islamic literature (Islam the Complete Code of Life) extract, copy attached here with: the hadith on Jihad; Zaad Al Maad 3 vs 9-11 as quoted, shows that Islam approves killing. The concept of charity (Zakkat) as espoused in the Manual of Islamic Sacred Law (Umdat al-Salic) by Ahmad Ibn Naqib al-Misri and Google search on the subject show that Islam disapprove extension of charity to non Muslims.

President Buhari’s declaration of Boko Haram as “Godless People” is no condemnation either, as Muslims believe, there is no God but Allah. So, if a Muslim swears to an oath and concludes it by saying ‘so help me God’ that oath is not binding or valid!

An observer from far away United States of America, one of the US Presidential candidates: Donald Trump was reported on social media to have remarked that “it can only happen in Nigeria, where all that matters to the President is the full introduction of Islam, annihilation of his political opponents and absolute extermination of the people of the old Eastern Nigeria”. Although the above statement was not discountenanced, assuming it were a  media ‘propaganda’, President Buhari did not help matters either. He stated in an interview with CNN, that his government appointments would be reflective of support-based proportions. Thus far, appointments to positions in Security Agencies and Government Parastatals are heavily lopsided in favour of Muslims, Particularly the Hausa-Fulani Ethnic group. This contradicts the President’s Oaths of Office and his popular phrase  “ I belong to nobody but belong to everybody”. The action is suggestive and to a reasonable extent, confirmatory of the ethnic cleansing as alleged by Donald Trump.

These are reminiscent of a statement made by President Muhammadu Buhari sometime in August 2001, he said: “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of Sharia in the entire Federation of Nigerian”. Similarly, Abubakar Shekau, a well-known leader of Boko Haram, declared on January 27, 2012 that: “By Allah, we will not stop fighting, until every Nigerian is living by Sharia law. If you don’t abide, we will kill you”.

The above statements by President Buhari and Abubakar Shekau appear to be in agreement with a statement made ealier by the Late Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto Caliphate, published by Parrot Newspaper of October 12, 1960: “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Danfodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future”.

On the contrary, records from Wikipedia show that the Saudi Arabia monarchy is not rooted in the family-tree of Prophet Mohammad (founder of Islam), rather, it is rooted in the family-tree of Mohammad Ibn Saud (the ruling family till date). What then is the basis of Othman Danfodio (the Fulani Jihadist) and his descendants (Emirs and Sultan) using Islam to rule all Nigerian Muslims and non-Muslims ? They simply qualify as colonialists with insatiable quest for territorial expansion and domination of political power and economy. Colonialism is crime against humanity!

In my words, Nigeria is more of a political economic fraud, than a unified country. Without a democratically evolved constitution, the threads of nation hood, the institutional mechanisms of restraints begin to give way to individual or groups (The Hausa -Fulani) caprices, as they replace the supreme laws of the land with Sharia laws, which primarily serves their ethnic interests. This have over the years in very big measures enhanced their dominance of political power and economy over and against other component groups of the country (particularly the middle belt, the Northern and Southern minorities).

Since independence, the constitution and government policies particularly in the North (Kaduna state inclusive) have always been skewed tending towards Islam, which give the Hausa-Fulanis leverage and competitive advantages over others (and so it is between Northern Muslims and Southern Christians parts of Kaduna state).

Presently, Governor El –Rufai Nasir of Kaduna State have presented a Religious Bill before the State House of Assembly, seeking to introduce prior Approvals and Licensing of churches and preachers, and curtailment of church activities and freedom of worship in the state, contrary to citizens religious rights and freedom enshrined in the constitution.

The same governor, without recourse to any known data, declared during a chat on Channels television program, that there are 70% Muslims and 30% Christian population in Kaduna state, as justification for the bill. The figures are contestable, as even the 2006 census did not carry column on religion. It is a policy statement of the Governor that shows his disposition and mindset against the Southern Kaduna Christian people of the state. Days earlier, it was on social media that the governor had concluded arrangements to sack a certain number of senior civil servants of the state and that 70% of that number were Southern Kaduna (Christians)    indigenes of the state. His declaration during the television chat only lent credence to the earlier information, to the same effect, as that from the social media. Any wonder therefore, why Nigeria don’t have accurate data for meaningful planning?

The Hausa Fulani’s quest for domination of power and economy by ethno-religious means, land-grabbing through herdsmen violence, insurgency and various forms of militancy pose a grave threat to whatever we stand for as a country and as a people. Much unfortunately, the Southern Kaduna people do not have the culturally homogenous and cohesive capacity like they do, to extend or sustain their frontiers of power or economy.


They remain vulnerable to economic backwardness, occasioned by starvation, poverty, declining state of education, ill health and worst of all imminent annihilation. Even radio and television signals from Kaduna the State capital, is not received in Kafanchan and Environs (Southern Parts of the State). Yet they are a significant bulk of the Northern, middle belt and Southern minority people who fought for one Nigeria in a 3-year civil war of the country. The Hausa-fulanis ended up as the sole BENEFICIARIES of the Civil War.

Again, in the words of Bishop Kukah, on the same paper earlier cited, dated September4, 2012 he said, judicial activism and justice would positively thrive under the current constitution, that is generally known to have been corrupted before its handover to Nigerians.

In my view, it is the duty of Southern Kaduna Elites and other well -meaning Nigerians to stir up a sense of moral revulsion as to why a country constitutionally proclaimed ‘secular state’ allows some of the federating northern states to drift into ethno religious kingdoms. The Hausa-Fulanis being synonymous with Islam are like water or oil: they will never mix with other ethnic nationalities! Islam will never mix or co-exist with other faiths or beliefs. They have to be superior or annihilate the others. Do you believe we ever had a country?

To corroborate this further, Shiek El-Zakzaki (leader of the Islamic sect, Shiite Movement in Nigeria) had said: “You cannot have a state running an Islamic government under another government which is not Islamic. Islam has to be superior, considering the fact that Sharia is the law of God. It has to be sovereign. Laws are to be drawn from it, and not above it. Balarabe Musa (former governor of Kaduna State) confirmed this by saying: “Sharia is above the constitution”. Late Dr. Lateef Adegbite (former Secretary General of Nigeria Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs), also threw his weight by saying: “Non-Muslims will respect the wishes of the majority (i.e. Muslims), when you are in Rome  (Sharia states) you must do like the Romans”.


According to Sheik Mahmood Gumi, an international award winner, renowned Islamic scholar of repute, in an interview he granted to quality magazine published in 1987, he said: “if we want Nigeria to be a good country, we have to follow one faith (i.e. Islam). And he continued: “Nigeria Unity, if I am to do my best, is to try to convert Christians and non-Muslims as much as possible. Until the other religions become minority and they will not affect our society”. He also continued: “A good Muslim cannot choose a non-Muslim as his leader”.

The General, now President Buhari was in the news sometimes in year 2001, as having said that: “Muslims should vote only Muslim candidates who will protect their religion”. Do the Hausa-Fulanis believe in the entity called Nigeria?

Corroborating the above, the plans to Islamize Nigeria, to the advantage of the Hausa-Fulanis is growing real by the days. On four occasions they staged walkouts on issues of sharia for the whole country, during constitutional conferences. Despite the fact that the 1999 constitution, foisted on the country gives every state the right to adopt sharia, as its legal system, which has been applied by all Northern Hausa-Fulani controlled states they still staged a walkout in the year 2014 constitutional conference on issues of sharia for the whole country. There was yet an attempt in the present National Assembly to pass a Bill on Sharia across the whole of Nigeria.

Notable Nigerians both from the Muslim and Christian divide have posited that, there is no intension to Islamize Nigeria, yet the attitude and actions of President Buhari and Governor El-Rufai have continued to reveal the contrary. President Buhari has all along been ‘President’ of Miyetti Allah (an association of cattle rearers/herdsmen). The herdsmen go about attacking and sacking communities and villages anywhere, at will. They also kidnap people, kill people and rape women at will. While these atrocities take place, the President is either quiet or talks belatedly, with no action to put the herdsmen in check. Instead, what we hear is a Bill before the National Assembly seeking to grant free grazing routes, zones, and cattle ranch reserves all over states of the country in favor of Hausa-Fulani herdsmen. Governor El-Rufai is on records to have paid money to Fulani herdsmen according to him, to stop killing Southern Kaduna people, only for the killing to continue unabated even under an existing state of emergency.  President Buhari maintained a ‘justified’ silence on the matter as presented  by his Special Assistant on Media (Mr Femi Adesina).

The Sultan, as president Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic affairs and Chairman Northern States Council of Traditional Chiefs, is known to have said that Islam does not support the killing of innocent lives. But, can a non-Muslim ever qualify as an innocent life, in the eye of Islam? The concept of Jihad and its application depends on who is applying it and the person may not necessarily be accountable to the Sultan, as he is not the Koran. Such person may be called an extremist but extremists are not deviants. So, at what point is extremism un-Islamic, if it is? One may ask: what business has non-muslim and non-Hausa-Fulani, traditional ruler/ chief got to do with the Sultan, yet he is their Chairman in the whole northern states! This is nothing other than entrenchment of  colonialism and subtle process of  transformation of the Sultan to a  de-facto supreme leader of Nigeria, in the model of Islamic Republic of Iran. This, in my well-considered view is the ultimate of their quest for Sharia Law across Nigeria. It will guarantee them perpetual control of Power, Politics and Economy of Nigeria.

God bless the soul of whoever that falls their victim in the process.

According to the Global Terrorism Index 2015 Report, “Fulani Herdsmen or Militias killed 1229 people in year 2015 alone, as against the 63 people they killed in year 2013, making them the 4th most deadly terrorist group in the world”.

I am sure by the time the report for 2016 comes out, they may gain the dubious distinction of climbing to 3rd or even 2nd most deadly terror group in the world. May God help us in this country called Nigeria!




The references below suffice:

According to Sheik Mahmood Gumi, “there is no charity besides helping your own people” (i.e. Muslims). This means that under an eventual full “Islamic state of Nigeria” the sultanate being proprietary of Othman Danfodio with his descendants as Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses, all others become mere slaves (as hewers of wood and fetchers of water). Hence their desperate bids to either have an Islamic Nigeria Republic or no Nigeria.

This is the philosophy with which sharia states are govern in Northern Nigeria (Kaduna state inclusive). This explains why Governor El-Rufai “manufactured” ratio 30:70 formula in favor of the Muslims (Hausa-Fulanis) as sharing formula for Kaduna states: i.e. 30 units out of 100 units for Southern Kaduna people (Christians). Such statements from a governor, are by implication, policy statements.

Of course, All Progressives Congress (APC) party, is fundamentally a Muslim party, fashioned after the banned Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

List of Top founding members of the party as shown below attest to this fact:

  1. Party Leader North: Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Muslim)
  2. Party Leader South: Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinibu (Muslim)
  3. National Chairman: Abdulkareem Bisi Akande (Muslim)
  4. Deputy National Chairman: Aminu Bello Masari (Muslim)
  5. National Secretary: Tijjani Musa Tumsah (Muslim)
  6. Deputy National Secretary: Nasir El-Rufai (Muslim)
  7. National Publicity Secretary: Lai Muhammed (Muslim)
  8. National Treasurer: Sadiya Umar Faruq (Muslim)
  9. National Financial Secretary: Alhaji Shuaibu Musa (Muslim)
  10. National Youth Leader: Abubarkar Lado (Muslim)
  11. National Legal Adviser: Muiz Banire (Muslim)
  12. National Deputy Auditor: Bala Jibrin (Muslim)
  13. National Women Leader: Sharia Ikeazor (Muslim)
  14. Ex- Officio Member: Muniru Muse (Muslim)
  15. Ex-Officio Member: Alhaji Yemi Sanusi (Muslim)

In conclusion, the Southern Kaduna predicament may just be a test case and smaller picture of what is to befall the middle belt, Northern minorities, South Easterners, South South minorities and ultimately the South Westerners. The way out though long and tedious but sure, is to turn to our colonial masters that forced the “marriage union” on us, to solve the problem. Otherwise, another looming dimension of political crises which may attract attention of the world, as it is already unfolding, may manifest, sooner or later, judging from the direction of the Kaduna state governor El-Rufai, Hausa-Fulani political/religious leaders, other Ethinc/Religious groups and the observed pre-disposition of President Buhari.

From the foregoing, the general atmosphere surrounding the southern Kaduna people and of cause other Nigerians, is too hostile for survival, politics and/or economic growth.

The Southern Kaduna people particularly need to achieve security of their land and people for survival, economic and political growth.

As common sayings, “a word is enough for the wise and a stitch in time saves nine”!






Praise be to Allaah.

It was narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), said to his companions when they returned from a military campaign, “We have come back from the lesser jihaad to the greater jihaad.” They said, “Is there any greater jihaad than jihaad against the kuffaar?” he said, “Yes, jihaad al-nafs (jihaad against the self).”

This hadeeth is not saheeh.

Undoubtedly jihaad against the self comes before jihaad against the kuffaar, because one cannot strive against the kuffaar until after one has striven against one’s own self, because fighting is something which the self dislikes. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Jihaad (holy fighting in Allaah’s Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allaah knows but you do not know”[al-Baqarah 2:216]

The point is that jihaad against the enemy cannot take place until one strives and forces oneself to do it, until one’s self submits and accepts that.

Fataawa Manaar al-Islam by Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him), 2/421

Ibn al-Qayyim said: “Jihaad is of four stages: jihaad al-nafs (striving against the self), jihaad al-shayaateen (striving against the shayaateen or devils), jihaad al-kuffaar (striving against the disbelievers) and jihaad al-munaafiqeen (striving against the hypocrites).

Jihaad al-nafs means striving to make oneself learn true guidance, and to follow it after coming to know it, calling others to it, and bearing with patience the difficulties of calling others to Allaah. Jihaad al-Shaytaan means striving against him and warding off the doubts and desires that he throws at a person, and the doubts that undermine faith, and striving against the corrupt desires that he tries to inspire in a person. Jihaad against the kuffaar and munaafiqeen is done in the heart and on the tongue, with one’s wealth and oneself. Jihaad against the kuffaar mostly takes the form of physical action, and jihaad against the munaafiqeen mostly takes the form of words… The most perfect of people are those who have completed all the stages of jihaad. People vary in their status before Allaah according to their status in jihaad.”(Zaad al-Ma’aad 3/9-12)

And Allaah knows best.


Samuel Tabara Kato, an activist of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union Port Harcourt Branch. Connect with him on

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