10 Things to know about Mr Takari Danjuma, Niger Delta Riverine Protection Programme (NDRPP) Coordinator.

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  1. Takari Danjuma is an astute, successful business man based in Warri, Delta State.
  2. He is a philanthropist, a humanitarian and man of the people as fondly called.
  1. He is the son of General TY Danjuma (Rtd.)
  1. His mother is from Ijaw Kingdom
  1. He is an epitome, embodiment of responsible Nigerian, the man who is working harder to bright the imminent of Niger Delta people.
  1. Mr Takari Danjuma is the coordinator of Niger Delta Riverine Protection Programme, instituted by President Muhammadu Buhari.
  1. Tikari Danjuma, as the National Coordinator of NDRPP assured Nigerians, particularly stakeholders in the Niger Delta that firearms would be recovered from militant groups in the region.
  1. He is a man of his words, he assured that all forms of illegal oil bunkering as well as unauthorized marine patrols would soon come to an end.
  2. In his usual way of win-win approach with negotiations, he appealed to militant groups in the Niger Delta, responsible for bombing and vandalism of crude oil and gas installations, to surrender their arms and join him as well as his team in championing peace and meaningful development in the region.
  3. Since accepting appointment as the coordinator of NDRPP, uncountable successes has been recorded and the progressive campaign peace presently in Niger Delta is the brain child of the coordinator fueled by his various visits and sensitization of the host communities to embrace NDRPP ideology.


#LetsEmbracePeaceinNigerDelta, #IstandForPeaceinNigerDelta

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