Develop a side hustle

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In this age of global economic uncertainty, relying on a job as your sole stream of income is a dangerous proposition. You will forever be at the beck and call of “the boss,” and at the mercy of economic forces that can change the employment landscape in a moments notice.

Do not make the mistake of relying on a job to secure your future. Your military enlistment will one day end. Your company will one day go out of business. The economy will tank and jobs will be lost (again).

Having a side hustle—a stream of income that you create independent of your primary occupation—grants you a measure of insurance against these forces while increasing your disposable income and net worth.

Over time, your side hustle can grow into its own small empire that grants you the freedom to live life on your own terms with your own schedule. With so many free resources available, there is no excuse not to start building your empire immediately.

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