Niger Delta Riverine Protection Programme (NDRPP) visit to Gelegele Community, Olodiama Ijaw Claw, Ovia Edo State. Details:

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Niger Delta Riverine Protection Programme (NDRPP) paid a courtesy visit to the community of Gelegele, Olodiama Ijaw Claw, Ovia Edo State where Dubril Gas Plant was located.

The team was lead by Mr Tarelayefa Ebegha  the director of Operations and Communication, it was an awareness visit and Mr Tarelayefa Ebegha took time to sensitize  the community leaders on what they are bound to gain  if the partner and work with NDRPP vision.

According to Mr Tarelayefa Ebegha, he stated that NDRPP is not all about surveillance job, there are huge opportunities the programme is bringing to the community, in support of the the other oil servicing companies there, he made mention of privileges for scholarships, fishing training course for three months by experts from United State of America, it will run state by state, and at the end they will be empowered with boats, five persons to one boat.

He also stressed that Federal Government is not interested in bringing down the Niger Deltaians,  that NDRPP was formed as a result of the challenges facing the Niger Delta people. He introduce their state programme coordinator to them by the name Mr City, and told them he will be brief on their updates as time goes on, he will communicate the aims and objectives and he is the representative from their community.
The community  agreed to work with NDRPP, and a visit to the Dubril gas plant location.

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