A wake up call to restive group, Support Niger Delta Riverine Protection Programme (NDRPP).

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Mr. Tikari  Danjuma (Jnr) is a respected, responsible business man and son of the soil known for his public-spirited services at all times even before his appointment. I’m been irked by the mob mental syndrome of the browls and the half enlightenment to realities where some people tend to join issues without knowing the rules of engagements, and the false perception of illegitimate views of facts as acclaimed. It’s not a news to us by the publications circulating the media by some restive group, unscrupulous elements  who’s nefarious and notorious activities is known to all and sundry of this Nation, as parading themselves as messengers of  peace.

The Federal Government has set up the Niger Delta Riverine  Protection Programme (NDRPP) as part of moves to mop up arms and ammunitions in wrong hands in the region. I want to advice all restive group to give up their bad impression they are creating in the media and to drop their arms, NDRPP has a mission to accomplish in Niger Delta State and it will be achieved.

Mr. Tikari  Danjuma (Jnr) appealed to militant groups in the Niger Delta, responsible for bombing and vandalism of crude oil and gas installations, to surrender their arms and join him as well as his team in championing peace and meaningful development in the region.

Let’s be careful the way we use media because there is no need making statements that can stir up violence in the Niger Delta states, lets collectively support NDRPP.

MR. TIKARI DANJUMA (Jrn) in a statement issued, urged youths of the Niger delta and Nigeria youth at large to embrace this present administration’s  initiative led by the president Muhammadu  Buhari’s Government, We cant continue to destroy our own land, it is our responsibility to facilitate socio-economic development in the Niger Delta region through NDRPP.


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